Decision America Tour: Photos from Minnesota

By Tommy Berry and Ron Nickel   •   June 16, 2016

Franklin Graham and a few of his grandkids take a look at the growing St. Paul crowd from inside one of the Decision America Tour buses. Minnesota marked Franklin Graham's 29th tour stop on June 16.
An estimated 6,300 people showed up at the rally in front of the Minnesota State Capitol.
3 people holding hands
Joining hands in prayer.
"We need leaders in high places who are not afraid to mention the name of Almighty God and His Son, Jesus," Franklin Graham said.
boy sitting on grass
Finding an open spot on the Capitol lawn.
The crowd reached behind and all the way around the platform.
holding hands
Many who join hands at Decision America rallies are strangers but are unified in prayer.
Franklin Graham greets some of the volunteers.
Capitol under construction
The Minnesota State Capitol is undergoing some construction, but it was the perfect time for a handful of construction workers to listen in on the message while they worked beside the Capitol steps.
women holding hands in prayer
Minnesotan Christians at the St. Paul prayer rally have no intention of leaving their enthusiasm for God and country on the Capitol lawn. Many are eager to take that energy back home, along with a desire to be more involved in politics.
Dennis Agajanian sings a couple of patriotic songs before Franklin Graham takes the stage.
holding signs
Minnesota residents Ted and Katherine Klein joined the Wisconsin prayer rally the day before Minnesota's. She's from Wisconsin; he's from Minnesota.
Franklin Graham and attendee
Making time for a selfie.
Woman holding dog
Some people bring their dogs to the prayer rallies.
A Decision America bus as a backdrop for Franklin Graham's 50-state tour. Twenty-nine states down, 21 to go.