Decision America Tour: Photos from Michigan

By Ron Nickel and Earl Davidson   •   October 4, 2016

Mother, father, four kids
A family listens to Franklin Graham speak at the 45th Decision America Tour stop in Lansing, Michigan.
Franklin Graham inside Michigan Capitol
Franklin Graham looks out at the massive crowd from inside the State Capitol building.
Women holding hands and praying
Concerned Michiganders took each other's hands and lifted up America to God.
Thousands of people on state house lawn
An estimated 8,100 people joined together at Michigan's Capitol to pray for our nation.
Woman smiling
This woman had a big smile in reaction to what she heard at Tuesday's rally.
woman praying with hands open
Earnestly praying for our country with open hands.
Two young girls standing
There were quite a few tweens and teens at the rally.
People holding hands, baby, praying
Joining hands with one of the youngest Americans on the capital lawn to lift up the nation to God.
Seven young boys. Arms linked over shoulders
Some of the young people who attended the prayer rally on Tuesday.
Woman holding sign that says "Can I pray for you?"
Humbly sharing God's love by offering prayer to strangers.
Man on horse carrying big American flag
Scott Burgess rode to today's rally and proudly carried an American flag to inspire others to love God and country.
Two teenage girls holding hands and praying
Praying together and with thousands of others at Tuesday's rally.
Volunteer among praying people
Volunteer Joy Gaddis is on staff with the Michigan Capitol House of Prayer, which prays regularly for Decision America rallies and for our nation.
Franklin Graham walking by case filled with flags
Franklin Graham walks by a grand case of flags inside Lansing's Capitol.