Decision America Tour: Photos from Kansas

By Tommy Berry and Ron Nickel   •   April 28, 2016

Girl sitting against tree
Hearing what Franklin Graham has to say at his Decision America stop in Topeka on April 28.
Volunteers with arms raised, holding flags
These volunteers were happy to be part of Franklin Graham's 19th Decision America stop in Topeka, Kansas.
Father with two boys
Lots of parents have brought their children to the Decision America rallies so they can participate in praying for the nation.
Franklin Graham on Capitol steps
“The enemy is trying to keep Christians’ mouths shut,” Franklin Graham said, by making them afraid to speak out. But he isn’t into backing down. Take a stand for God and country.
woman handing out flag
Flags are given out at each tour stop to show support for our country.
About 4,300 people came out to pray at the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka.
kids smiling
Students from the International Academy in Topeka looking their best.
Holding up a pocket prayer Bible.
Those who have attended the prayer rallies say they appreciate Franklin Graham's bold stance for God, and they are encouraged to stand boldly with him.
Local and state leaders lined the Capitol steps as Franklin Graham spoke.
Girl praying on knees
Brought to her knees in prayer.
Before the rally, many said they were hoping the tour stop would help bring unity to Kansas.
Girls clapping
They may be young, but many young folks have talked about the need for prayer in this country.
Woman with arms raised
Praising God for what He has already done in America and for what He will do.
Franklin Graham stops to chat with an officer who helped keep the Capitol grounds safe.
A beautiful day to pray for America.