Decision America Tour: Photos from Illinois

By Ron Nickel and TJ Petrino   •   June 14, 2016

On Tuesday, Franklin Graham made his 27th stop on the Decision America Tour: Springfield, Illinois.
Franklin Graham opened Tuesday's rally by leading the crowd in prayer for the people involved in the horrific mass shooting in Orlando. Sunday's massacre was the deadliest in recent U.S. history.
These two had the right idea, setting up chairs in a shady spot. It was a scorching 90 degrees in Springfield at the time of the noon rally, and it felt even hotter.
"I've got a question for you," Franklin Graham said. "Do you know Jesus Christ as your Savior?"
An estimated 5,800 people showed up at Springfield's Capitol building to listen to Franklin and pray for the United States.
Some of America's youngest prayer warriors.
Franklin Graham stopped to shake hands with some of the people who took the time to come out to the rally.
A sea of people braved the heat to pray for the U.S. to turn to God.
The Decision America Tour bus has crisscrossed the country. Since January, Franklin Graham has stopped in more than half the states in the union. More than 125,000 people have attended the prayer rallies.
"Today, we need men and women in high places who honor God," Franklin said, urging Christians to pray, vote and engage in the political process before it's too late.
Many took a stand for God and country by attending the prayer rally.
"Your vote counts, friend. It counts."
Banding together to pray in the name of Jesus Christ.