Decision America Tour: Photos from Idaho

By Tommy Berry, Earl Davidson & Paul Sherar   •   August 10, 2016

girl holding flag, smiling
Franklin Graham made his 34th Decision America stop in Boise, Idaho, which drew people of all ages. Children passed the time waving tiny American flags, sitting on their parents’ shoulders and playing in the shade.
At every Decision America rally, Franklin Graham delivers a short Gospel message and gives people an opportunity to respond. “You can leave these Capitol steps today knowing that your sins are forgiven,” he told the Boise crowd.
This sweet couple came prepared with hats on to shield the midday sun.
Young people praying for our nation in Boise. There are several more tour stops planned through October.
women chatting
Some people came with friends; others made new ones.
bowing in prayer
Franklin Graham has urged people at every tour stop to not just point fingers at others’ faults but to look at their own and seek repentance.
An estimated 3,800 people packed the front lawn of the Idaho State Capitol.
Adults and kids holding flags
A family affair.
Woman with arms wide
Arms outstretched toward the Lord in prayer.
“Be an advocate for God’s truth, His righteousness,” Franklin Graham said.
friends hugging
Enjoying the rally together.
Man with arms in air
Giving it all to God as the crowd pleaded for God's mercy on the nation.
One of the greatest moments of the Idaho rally may have been thousands of voices singing “God Bless America” on the Capitol lawn.
One couple, Allen and Sandy Parrish drove from Twin Falls, Idaho, a couple of hours away. They brought their grandsons, Jace and Jayten Bisom, ages 10 and 7. Allen said he’s confident his prayers now can help impact his grandchildren’s future.
Many brought their children and grandchildren to the rally.