Decision America Tour: Photos from Arizona

By Tommy Berry and Ron Nickel   •   March 18, 2016

Praying in Phoenix
The Arizona prayer rally marked the 10th Decision America stop since Jan. 5. Franklin Graham is visiting all 50 states this year, encouraging Christians to pray, vote and engage.
Franklin Graham leading in prayer
Franklin Graham, leading thousands in prayer, said he's "running a campaign for God."
Arizona crowd
An overflowing crowd estimated at 6,700 gathered at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix on March 18.
Franklin Graham shaking hands
Franklin Graham greets a supporter by the 50-state Decision America bus.
Arizona prayer chains
Friends and strangers all over the Arizona State Capitol lawn prayed for America.
Dennis Agajanian
Dennis Agajanian finished up the rally, leading the crowd in "God Bless America."
Beating the heat
Beating the heat and making connections at the Decision America Tour prayer rally.
Prayer time
Using Nehemiah as a Scripture launching point, Franklin Graham encouraged the crowd to confess personal sins, as well as sins of our forefathers and our nation.
Franklin Graham on stage
Frankin Graham walks onto the stage in Phoenix.
Watching from a tree
Getting a great view with some nice shade.
Young Kid Watching Franklin
All ages came out for the Decision America Tour.
"God's not dead," a sentiment echoed by Franklin Graham in Arizona: "Jesus Christ is not dead," he told the crowd. "He's alive here at the State Capitol."
handing out water
Delivering water on a hot Arizona day.
massive crowd in Arizona
A bird's-eye view of the massive crowd.
carrying crosses
Carrying crosses to the Decision America Tour on March 18.
I pray for America shirts
Wearing their heart on their shirts: "I pray for America."
grandmas for prayer
"Grandmas for Prayer!" Enough said.