Closing Night of Barcelona Festival a Celebration of New Life

By   •   May 2, 2015

boy with flyers
On May 1-2, the Festival de la Esperanza was held in Barcelona, Spain. Before Saturday night's event, dozens of Christians lined up along the famous pedestrian boulevard La Rambla to read Scripture and invite people to the Festival. This is 5-year-old Daniel.
Franklin Graham praying
Every BGEA Festival begins, ends and revolves around prayer. Here, Franklin Graham prays with musicians John and Annie Barbour during team devotions on Saturday morning.
Franklin with cake
The local Festival team had a surprise for Franklin Graham, seen here with Festival Committee Chairman Guillem Correa. They presented him with this amazing cake, complete with figurines of each of the Festival leaders.
Inside former Olympic arena Palau Sant Jordi, as seen from behind the choir.
Kike Pavón
Spanish music artist Kike Pavón
choir in Barcelona
A choir of 400 people from churches across Catalonia rocked the stadium with passionate worship.
Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham took time to acknowledge the choir, which he said was one of the best he's ever heard.
The Afters
Josh Havens from The Afters likes to hop down from the stage and visit the crowd in the middle of his songs.
father and daughter pray
Juan Fernandez prays with his 11-year-old daughter, Sara, after she came forward to receive Christ.
Music group, Filadelfia
Music group, Filadelfia
Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham was the first member of the Graham family to preach the Gospel in-person in Spain.
baby sleeping
The stadium was booming with music, but this baby slept soundly.
Hearts were stirred to action as Franklin Graham gave the invitation to accept Christ. Hundreds flooded the arena floor. To God be the glory.
Michael W. Smith
Michael W. Smith closed out the Festival of Hope with a celebratory concert after hundreds accepted Christ.
man praising
Revival has happened before—and it can happen again.