Chaplains Offer Ministry of Presence During ‘Pray on MLK’ Event

By Matt Rath   •   August 9, 2020

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) accepted an invitation to attend Pray on MLK, a nationwide prayer and praise event. Dozens attended the worship gathering, and the chaplains were honored to pray with many throughout the evening.
The two-hour worship event called for people across the United States to gather in prayer on their city’s Martin Luther King Jr. boulevard, road or street at 6:01 p.m.—the same time King was assassinated in April 1968. Event organizers chose August 8, because on that day in 1968 the first Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard was named in Chicago.
People who attended the Pray on MLK event were given the opportunity to write a word on a piece of white tape across their face coverings. The Pray on MLK website, citing Isaiah 6, states, “The white tape symbolizes God’s purification of our lips and our hearts.”
Traffic continued as usual down Charlotte's West Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Motorists and pedestrians alike paused to ask what was going on. These questions led to great ministry opportunities for the chaplains.
One conversation led to a decision for eternity. Frankie was walking through the park when he met Chaplain Manager Ken Dunlap. After learning more about God's love for him, Frankie decided he needed to change some things. He later prayed with chaplains Joseph and Mennie Morrison (pictured).
Candace Salamone, director of Charlotte’s Pray on MLK event, said she believes the Lord is saying the oft-quoted Martin Luther King Jr.’s “one day” is actually today. “We’ve had enough crisis that I think people’s eyes are beginning to open,” Salamone said. “The crisis sometimes pushes you into the place of movement, and I think the Church is finally starting to say, ‘We need to move, and we need to move as one. We can overcome, and we will overcome.’”
Focus will be key, said Kayla Martin, a member of Exchange Church, who sang during the praise portion on Saturday. “It’s important to remember Who we serve and Who we’re doing this for,” Martin said. “That’s why it’s important for all of us to come together as a community to just be there for each other and lift up the name of Jesus Christ.”
Chaplain Manager Kevin Williams spoke briefly during the second hour of the Pray on MLK event, encouraging all people with the Good News of Jesus. He was grateful local event organizers invited the Rapid Response Team to this event that happened only six miles from the ministry's headquarters. “It was our honor to go and be part of the event tonight,” Williams later said.