Brazilians Embrace Jesus Christ

By Ron Nickel and Logan Ryan   •   September 17, 2023

The energy and passion were contagious as thousands arrived Saturday for Esperança Curitiba (Hope Curitiba), a one-night evangelistic outreach in southern Brazil. Christians from hundreds of churches in the area had been praying for their non-Christian family and friends and brought them along in hopes that they, too, would embrace the freedom and peace Jesus Christ offers.
Will Graham has shared the Gospel around the world, but Saturday was his first time preaching in Brazil. "Tonight, I want to talk to you about a symbol. ... It's one of the most recognizable symbols in all the world," he said with a Portuguese interpreter by his side. "At one time, the cross was a symbol of death and torture. But when Jesus died on the cross, it became the greatest symbol of love."
More than 180 buses brought thousands of people to the venue from across the region.
The energetic crowd stood on their feet and joined in a time of worship led by Theo Rubia (pictured here), Gabriel Guedes, and Gabriela Rocha.
Brazilians under the age of 18 made up nearly a third of all those responding to the invitation to receive new life in Christ. Read more about this powerful outreach.
Hope Curitiba was held at the rodeo arena at Campina Grande do Sol. More than 17,600 people filled the venue and spilled into an overflow area outside.
Will Graham shared with the crowd a passage in the Bible about Jesus' death and resurrection, found in Matthew 27:45–56. Jesus Christ died for us because He loves us, Graham said. "It doesn't matter how deep you are in sin. God's love from the cross covers you as well." That message pierced the hearts of many in the audience.
"Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins" (Hebrews 9:22, ESV). Will Graham explained that's why Jesus—who lived a sinless life—was able to cover our sins through His death on the cross. All who surrendered to Christ Saturday received a red discipleship booklet (Living in Christ) to help them as they begin their new walk with the Lord.
Many who responded to the Good News on Saturday did so as a family. Will you pray for the impact these families could have for God's kingdom as they grow in their relationship with Christ?
Gabriela Rocha, a Brazilian singer-songwriter, ended the night thanking God for all who came forward in response to the Gospel.
Will Graham encouraged new believers to start attending a local church and to tell a friend about their decision to accept Christ. Have you made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life? You can right now.