Birmingham Finale: Filled with the Holy Spirit

By   •   August 17, 2015

Hundreds made life-changing decisions for Christ in Birmingham, Alabama. This weekend, the Gospel will be preached in Oklahoma City. Will you pray for another move of God?
Franklin Graham took time to thank the 250 churches who were involved with this weekend's Festival of Hope.
A counselor at the Birmingham Festival of Hope talks with a young girl about a relationship with Jesus.
Michael W. Smith closed things out with a powerful worship set, capped off by an old favorite, which summed up the weekend nicely: "Friends."
Sunday night's program was heavy on worship music and God was exhalted all evening in Birmingham.
Tasha Cobbs brought the house down with her soulful Gospel music.
Demonstrating unity, churches from all over Birmingham locked hands on Sunday.
Many were overcome by the Holy Spirit.
Dennis Agajanian delivered a trio of favorites, "Sweet Home Albama," "Aint No Grave," and "The Hallelujah Chorus."
Explaining what the Good News is really all about.
Kari Jobe's "Forever" engaged the packed house of nearly 10,000 people.
Repentance came in the form of tears for some who responded to the Gospel.
On the third night of the Festival, Franklin Graham preached the story of Nicodemus and how simply being a good person won't save you. He later led a packed floor in a prayer to receive Christ. Hundreds made life-changing decisions for Christ this weekend.
A thunderous applause by the crowd for those who made decisions.
The Festival of Hope in Birmingham was translated via headsets.
Praying and counseling in the moments shortly after Franklin Graham's invitation.
Michael W. Smith sings on the big screen, where, a BGEA internet evangelism website, is offered for those who still wanted to make a decision or ask spiritual questions. More than 43,000 unique visitors tuned into the livestream over the three nights, in more than 100 countries.
"There is Power in the Name of Jesus."
Praising the Lord in a post-invitation concert by Michael W. Smith.
Michael W. Smith leading a worshipful crowd in "Agnus Dei."
Kari Jobe's music connected with many on Sunday evening.
Caves, a band from Canada, started the night out with an acoustic set. "We don't have Chic-Fil-A where we're from so I've had like three sandwiches in the last two days."
Counseling two inquirers who responded to the Good News.
Explaining what the follow-up materials were and how to get started in a new life with Christ.
The Tommy Coomes Band, a staple at Franklin Graham Festivals, set the tone with "My Hope is in the Lord," then sang "Come Just As You Are," as the aisles filled up with many moved by the Holy Spirit.
One last hug after making a life-changing decision he'll never forget.