Through the Years: Billy Graham Sharing the Gospel in Paris

By   •   November 17, 2015

Crowd in Paris
Billy Graham held four Crusades in Paris and visited many other times to meet with local leaders. In this photo, thousands gather to hear him speak during a 1963 France tour.
Billy Graham bumper stickers
Bumper stickers promoting the 1986 Mission France Crusade. By the end of the event, more than 7,000 had responded to the invitation to accept Christ.
Billy and Ruth Graham
Billy Graham and his wife Ruth stroll past a billboard in the city while visiting Paris for the 1963 Crusade.
Billy Graham in Paris, 1963
Billy Graham sharing the Gospel at the 1963 Paris Crusade.
1986 Mission France Crusade
Bercy Sports Stadium was packed to capacity for the 1986 Mission France Crusade, particularly during the final night when hundreds of people found room on the floor and in an overflow area. Several bombings shook Paris prior to the Crusade, but terrorist acts couldn't keep Parisians away. The eight-day event averaged an attendance of 12,500 each night.
Billy Graham in Paris, 1963
During Billy Graham's 1963 visit to France, several media outlets interviewed him and explained the essence of the Gospel in their broadcasts.
Billy Graham in Paris, 1986
“When the Gospel is proclaimed, it has its own built-in power ... Power to change lives, change society and to change the world, if only we believe and trust," Billy Graham said at the 1986 Mission France Crusade.
Billy Graham last preached in Paris in 1986, but his ministry continues there today. Crisis-trained Rapid Response Team chaplains like the man in the red are in Paris now, offering emotional and spiritual care in the aftermath of the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks. Give today to help support these efforts.