Photo Gallery: BGEA Chaplains Ministering After Brussels Attacks

By   •   March 29, 2016

lady on bike talking to chaplain
A woman on a bike rolls to a halt to talk with one of the crisis-trained chaplains.
chaplains talking with man
Crisis-trained chaplains with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team are ministering in Brussels, Belgium, a city that suffered deadly terrorist attacks on March 22.
Lady holding baby looks over memorial
A woman and her baby look out over a memorial on Monday, March 28, which was a holiday in Belgium. Many people visited to pay their respects.
Man and Chaplain praying
Jeff Naber, manager of chaplain development and ministry relations for the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team prays with a man after striking up a conversation.
The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains are in Brussels to offer emotional and spiritual care.
chaplain talking people
The Brussels deployment is a joint effort among the Rapid Response Teams of Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Here, a chaplain talks with folks on the steps of the Brussels Stock Exchange.
police talking to chaplain
Given some recent civil unrest at the memorial sites, there is a heavy police and military presence patrolling the Belgium capital.
Man talking chaplain listening
Listening intently as this man shares some of his life experience.
Enjoying each other's company.
Visitors lit candles, left messages in sidewalk chalk and even colored in a collage, as in this photo taken by chaplain Rey Garcia, using just the colors of the Brussels flag to honor the victims.
Families also stopped to talk with the chaplains.
Man and chaplains praying
Taking a moment to pray near the memorial at the Brussels Stock Exchange.