Hundreds of Lives Surrendered to Christ After Months of Prayer in New Zealand

By By Logan Ryan & Shealah Craighead   •   November 12, 2022

Auckland: More than 16,500 people attended the three-city God Loves You Tour with Franklin Graham in New Zealand. The final stop was held Saturday at The Trusts Arena in Auckland.
Auckland: Prior to sharing the Gospel, Franklin Graham took a moment to pray alongside singer Jeremy Camp and his wife, Adrienne.
Auckland: This man was one of the first to walk forward in response to the Gospel at the final stop on the tour.
Auckland: “God is on the move in New Zealand,” said Josh Havens of The Afters.
Auckland: A woman kneels in a moment of prayer and worship before our Heavenly Father.
Auckland: Interpreters helped share Franklin Graham's message in multiple languages during the event, and prayer counselors were available afterward to speak to people in their native tongue.
Auckland: More than 7,000 people filled The Trusts Arena and this overflow area outside.
Auckland: A few members of the Tommy Coomes Band join guitarist Dennis Agajanian onstage to lead the crowd in singing "Goodness of God."
Auckland: “Whatever storm you face, Jesus can calm it. Whatever mountain is in front of you, He can conquer it," Franklin Graham shared.
Auckland: Franklin Graham shared the Biblical parable of the prodigal son, who came back home to his father after a period of rebellion. Following the Gospel message, many streamed forward to receive forgiveness from their Heavenly Father and surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. Are you running from God? Come back to Him today.
Wellington: Considered the most windy major city in the world, Wellington is often called “Windy Welly” by locals. God brought a new wind of revival to the city during the second stop of the God Loves You Tour.
Wellington: “God’s not dead. He’s alive and He’s here in Wellington tonight,” Franklin Graham told the crowd. Of the hundreds who responded to the Gospel message, the majority were younger than 25.
Wellington: A joyful moment of worship to our God who delights in His children.
Wellington: Along Wellington’s bustling waterfront, more than 3,000 people poured into TSB Arena, the capital city’s largest indoor venue. “New Zealand needs Jesus. Jesus brings hope. He brings love. He sets the captives free,” said one God Loves You Tour volunteer. “Right now in New Zealand, that’s what we need, from our youth especially.”
Wellington: “Thank you for letting us feel at home,” said Josh Havens of The Afters. As he sang “What Home Feels Like,” he adjusted the lyrics to, “There is no place I’d rather be than with you, Kiwis,” while raising the New Zealand flag.
Wellington: A prayer counselor prays over a woman overcome by emotion after hearing the Gospel message.
Wellington: Singer Jeremy Camp shared his testimony about how his faith was tested after his first wife died from cancer. His story was depicted in the movie “I Still Believe,” and a Kiwi played his role in the film.
Wellington: Many who participated in the God Loves You Tour remember when Billy Graham visited their country decades ago. One 11-year-old who accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior talked with a prayer counselor who attended Billy Graham’s Crusade in Wellington in 1959.
Wellington: The beautiful melodies and lyrics sung by the Tommy Coomes Band encouraged the crowd to recognize the power of Jesus’ Name.
Christchurch: Thousands of New Zealanders—also known as Kiwis—attended the first stop of the God Loves You Tour in Christchurch on the South Island.
Christchurch: Franklin Graham’s God Loves You Tour stopped in the same cities as his father’s 1959 Crusade in New Zealand—but reached a new generation that locals say are facing anxiety and hopelessness following the global pandemic.
Christchurch: Believers worship at the outreach that one pastor described as the largest Christian event in Christchurch in the last 25 years.
Christchurch: “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.’” —Matthew 19:14, ESV
Christchurch: Many of the New Zealand children who attended the evangelistic event worshiped God with their whole hearts. “I feel there is a new generation rising. We’re even seeing it in our church. The kids are the first up [to] the front,” said Jaana Joseph, a prayer counselor. “Their worship is from a place of not just doing what they think they need to do. They are truly worshiping the Lord. I think we are seeing a new generation rising up who love God and are unashamed.”
Christchurch: Dennis Agajanian kicked off the evening with his fast-picking guitar playing and lyrics like “Nothing but the blood of Jesus.”
Christchurch: Will you pray for those who chose to follow Jesus in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland? Pray that they will continue to seek the Lord and grow in their walk with Him.
Christchurch: “You can reset your life tonight by putting your faith and trust in Jesus Christ,” said Franklin Graham, sharing the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19.
Christchurch: “Inside Christchurch Arena, God moved in the lives of many,” Franklin Graham posted on social media: “We thank God for every heart that was touched, every life that was changed, and every person—young and old—who responded to the invitation to turn from their sins and put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ."
Christchurch: Those who came forward prayed with volunteer counselors and received helpful materials to help them grow in their faith. Afterward, it was time to celebrate. The band The Afters welcomed some attendees on stage with them as they marked the joyous moment with song.