‘Praying for a Great Revival’ in Mexico City

By T.J. Petrino & Logan Ryan   •   February 18, 2024

The recent two-day Esperanza CDMX Festival with Franklin Graham in Mexico City began with Festikids, an interactive, high-energy, Gospel-centered program for children and parents alike.
“We were made to worship,” Michael W. Smith said to the crowd. “We’re praying for a great revival to sweep through this city and all around your country.”
“So that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” — Philippians 2:10-11, ESV
Franklin Graham shared the Good News of Jesus Christ on Feb. 18, telling the story about the wicked King Manasseh (2 Chronicles 33). Because of his great sin, Manasseh was removed from power and imprisoned—but God forgave him when he repented. No one is beyond the Lord’s reach.
“Tonight you can be set free if you’re willing to call upon the name of Jesus Christ,” Franklin Graham said.
Praise the Lord for all the new believers on the second night of the Festival, Feb. 18, in Mexico City. Please pray for the thousands who made decisions to follow Christ, that they will be discipled by a local church and grow in their new faith in Jesus.
A throng of people line up outside to enter the Esperanza CDMX (Festival of Hope) with Franklin Graham in Mexico City.
The excitement started out with Festikids, where the Good News was shared at this family-friendly event.
Festikids featured high-energy music and performances by local youth, setting the stage and preparing hearts to hear of God’s love.
The Esperanza CDMX featured powerful worship music, and many lifted their praise to Almighty God for His saving power.
With more than 23,000 people packed into Palacio de los Deportes, hundreds more filled the overflow area outside the arena.
Dennis Agajanian brought his trademark fast-picking style of music to get the crowd's hearts centered on what’s to come—a Gospel presentation from Franklin Graham.
The message “Jesus loves you” in Spanish circled inside the arena during a time of worship music.
Those who couldn’t fit inside Palacio de los Deportes watched the Festival in an overflow area outside the arena.
“If you don’t remember anything else tonight, remember this—God loves you,” Franklin Graham said.
After Franklin Graham’s Gospel message and invitation, thousands came forward to surrender their hearts to Jesus Christ.
Those who made decisions for Christ received a Bible translated in Spanish and “Living in Christ” booklet to help them grow in their new faith in Jesus.
Will you pray for all the new believers from Franklin Graham's Festival in Mexico City, that they will find a church and community to grow in their faith?