Canadians Experience the Joy of Christ

By Ron Nickel   •   December 1, 2022

Hay River, Northwest Territories: Throughout the three-stop Northern Canada Christmas Tour with Will Graham Nov. 30–Dec. 4, hundreds heard the Good News of Jesus Christ, and many decided to accept Him into their hearts as Lord and Savior.
Hay River, Northwest Territories: Will Graham has a heart for reaching remote areas of the world that are in need of the hope of Jesus Christ. During his visit to Northern Canada, he spoke with many local residents about the difference Jesus can make in their lives.
Hay River, Northwest Territories: "You’re handmade by God," Will Graham told the audience. "God knows everything about you. He sees the brokenness in your life. He sees the brokenness in your community. ... I’m here to tell you: Everything you’re looking for, everything you’re longing for, is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ."
Hay River, Northwest Territories: Canadian artist Brooke Nicholls led the crowd in worshiping Almighty God who sent His Son Jesus to save us from our sins. At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of the Savior. Have you ever asked Him to be part of your life? You can now.
Hay River, Northwest Territories: "Why go to these small communities? Because Jesus would. You read through Scripture, He went to the fringe," said Mark Miller, national initiatives director for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada.
Hay River, Northwest Territories: Hay River sits along the shore of Great Slave Lake, the 10th largest lake in the world. This community of 3,500 has ideal conditions for viewing the northern lights, as well as the beautiful Alexandra Falls.
Hay River, Northwest Territories: Canadian singer George Canyon brought a country flair to the Christmas Tour.
Hay River, Northwest Territories: Though the communities on the Christmas Tour are small, the lives impacted are significant. Will you pray for those who put their trust in Jesus Christ as they grow in their faith and reach others around them with the Gospel?
Fort Smith, Northwest Territories: In the small community of just over 2,000 residents, more than 140 people heard the Good News of Jesus Christ at the second event on the three-city Northern Canada Tour with Will Graham.
Fort Smith, Northwest Territories: God moved in the hearts of men, women and children in this remote Canadian town. "Tonight I’m going to ask you to make a decision about Jesus," explained Will Graham Friday night. “I received God,” said Lorraine* after going forward at the invitation. “He’s been in my life for some time. I just went astray for a while … It was just time to accept Him fully … like 100 percent this time, and not just part.” *Name changed for privacy.
Fort Smith, Northwest Territories: Canadian Christian artist Brooke Nicholls helped lead the tight-knit community in praising God.
Fort Smith, Northwest Territories: In this part of Canada, brightly lit tipis are often used as Christmas decorations.
Fort Smith, Northwest Territories: "Just because you go to church and you sit in a pew doesn’t make you a Christian," said Will Graham. "You’ve got to be willing to give your life to Christ. Do you know that you know that you know?" he continued. "And if you don’t know, tonight you can know for sure."
Fort Smith, Northwest Territories: Canadians of all ages made decisions to follow Christ on Friday.
Fort Smith, Northwest Territories: While in Fort Smith, Will Graham spent time encouraging senior citizens at their nursing facility.
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta: With a burden for remote parts of the world that need the Good News of Jesus Christ, Will Graham accepted an invitation to share the Gospel in Northern Canada. The first stop was Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, on Wednesday, followed by Friday's event in Ft. Smith, Northwest Territories. The third stop was Sunday in Hay River, also in the Northwest Territories.
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta: The winter in Northern Canada is dark with subzero temperatures. On Wednesday, Will Graham shared the hope of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World who can bring joy and purpose to our lives.
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta: Commonly called Fort Chip, this town has a population of around 800, made up mostly of Cree and Chipewyan First Nations and Métis people. One-third of the crowd at the Will Graham event responded to the invitation to surrender their lives to Christ.
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta: Canadian singers George Canyon and Brooke Nicholls led the audience in praising God at the intimate venue, Mamawi Community Hall.
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta: One life dedicated to Jesus Christ can have an enormous impact. Please pray for new believers in this community to reach their circle of influence as the Gospel continues to spread throughout Canada.
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta: Less than a month from Christmas, Will Graham shared with the crowd the importance of knowing who Jesus is and what His birth means to us today. “God loves you so much that He came to take your brokenness and pay your debt," Will Graham said. "He can change your life tonight if you come to Him.”
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta: Fort Chipewyan is one of the oldest settlements in Alberta, Canada, established in 1788 as a trading post. Electric lights weren't introduced to the area until 1959. The Northern Canada Christmas Tour stopped Friday in Ft. Smith and will conclude Sunday in Hay River. Both towns are in the Northwest Territories.
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta: Country singer George Canyon spoke with a local resident. During the free, family friendly Christmas tour, largely indigenous communities are hearing the Gospel through music, personal interactions, and a message from Will Graham.
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta: A young woman holds a booklet called Living in Christ, which is given to everyone who decides to put their faith and trust in Jesus. The booklet—which includes a study of the gospel of John—offers Biblical guidance on how new believers can grow in their faith in the days ahead.