15 Quotes for an Anxious Heart

By   •   May 18, 2015

With all the bad news and destruction in the world, you or someone you know may be asking, "What's wrong? Will things ever get better?" Peace is possible, even in times that are difficult to understand. Be encouraged by these quotes and share them with friends.

You can have lasting peace. Find peace with God today.

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  1. Julie custer says:

    My husband is having surgery tomorrow. A friend sent me these inspiring, uplifting quotes. They really help with getting through this difficult time. GOD BLESS.

  2. Rhonda Crane says:

    When Billy Graham said God is already there when I fear something, I felt a peace come over me. Thank the Lord for that man of God.

  3. Mr Daniel Ranyang says:

    wonderful and powerful….

  4. omar says:

    So blessed ministry I pray that God keep on blessing it so richly

  5. Alma Howell says:

    I’m suffering with a horrible anxiety. I am on medication . It hinders me from sleep. I pray for the Lord. I seek his will and purpose. I am desperate and I remind HIM HIS PROMISE THAT HE IS ALL NEED. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. GOD BLESS YOU

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