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This year as we observe our season of thanksgiving, let us be grateful not only in word but also in deed. Let our gratitude find expression in a resolve to live a life more unselfish and more consecrated to Jesus Christ. When we sit around our tables laden with sumptuous delicacies, let us not forget that half the world will go to bed hungry. As we enjoy the comforts of our cozy homes, let us not forget that great numbers in other parts of the world have no homes to go to.

When we step into our sleek automobiles, let us not forget that most of the people in the world cannot afford even a bicycle. In the Lord’s Prayer as recorded in the sixth chapter of Matthew, we read, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Scripture teaches that the good things of this life are the gifts of God, and that He is the donor of all our blessings. Thanksgiving? Yes. Let us get on our knees humbly and thank God for the blessings He has given us, both material and spiritual. They have come from His hands.

Prayer for the day

You bring me such abundance, almighty God. As I think of Thanksgiving Day, may my heart be completely consecrated to Your Son, Jesus Christ, so that through Him my life will show my gratitude to You.

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  1. connie Rodriguez says:

    Amen, God Bless.

  2. Donald J. Mojado says:

    Count your Blessings……you may be surprised how many you have.

  3. Jorge Duran says:

    I really just want to say that i thaks the Lord for his love and forgivnes,even do i don’t deserv it.

  4. Pasia Meafua says:

    Praise the Lord. U bless me since day one, the Lord is glorified through your life of service. Please pray for me and my children; mostly my healing in Jesus name.

  5. Patsy Allen says:

    Wonderful advice for all of us. Thank You

  6. Rosario Lewis says:

    Yes, thanksgiving day is a day of thanks to God, our parents and everyone who did us good in life. But never forget bad times. And be grateful to God for bringing us out of it. The Israeliets were in bondages and in Deutronomy5:15 we see moses reminding them to thank God for bringing them out of slavery. I personally think of so many bondages God brought me out of. What my life was before I gave my life to Jesus and what my life is today. Thank you Jesus. Thank you mummy and daddy. Thank you everyone for everything kind. Glory to God. Amen

  7. Gerry says:

    Wow, when it comes to giving thanks to God, it’s almost overwhelming. There are so many things to be thankful for. He is the author of all blessings. However at the top of the list would have to be the gift of his precious Son’s life. He died to redeem all those who would accept that great truth. He is God’s Holy Son that died for us. He became the perfect sacrifice, according to God’s Holy standard. Further that because of that, we, as his children, will spend eternity with him in Heaven.

  8. Rick Wilson says:

    “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” It would behoove us all, including yours truly, to remember such meaningful words.

  9. Adepeju Robert James says:

    All glory be unto you Lord Jesus Christ for everything you done for me