Wonders of Nature

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In the wonders of nature we see God’s laws in operation. Who has not looked up at the stars on a cloudless night and marveled in silent awe at the glory of God’s handiwork? Who has not felt his heart lifted in the spring of the year, as he sees all creation bursting with new life and vigor? In the beauty and abundance around us we see the magnitude of God’s power and the infinite detail of His planning; but nature tells us nothing of God’s love or God’s grace. Conscience tells us in our innermost being of the presence of God and of the moral difference between good and evil; but this is a fragmentary message, in no way as distinct and comprehensive as the lessons of the Bible. It is only in its pages that we find the clear and unmistakable message upon which all true Christianity is based.

Distracted? Here’s how you can focus on God.

Prayer for the day

As I read Your Word, almighty God, clear my mind of needless thoughts, so that I may be aware of Your message for me this day.

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  1. DeeAnn Hennis says:

    Living along the Gulf Coast daily I see God’s artwork! It cannot be duplicated. The Almighty has blessed me with eyesight and hearing to enjoy His creation. I take those gifts for granted sometimes.

  2. Gerry says:

    God’s creation is spectacular and mesmerizing for sure. However, to understand our Creator we must regularly study his Holy Word. It gives us a glimpse into his greatness and unparalleled wisdom.

  3. michael says:

    Indeed, I saw lots of beauty from above on this retreat I went on.

  4. Gerry says:

    Next to Christ’s atoning sacrifice at Calvary, God’s best gift to mankind is the gift of his Holy Word. Every answer to every question can be found either directly or indirectly. Thank you Lord.

  5. Bobby twyford says:

    They are inspiring. It keeps us in line with the word and what we should be doing. We are the lord’s ministry in this evil world!

  6. Jubilee Junias Gaius says:

    I will be please and honoured the receive this inspirational messages daily