What Makes Christianity Different?

By   •   April 7

cross steeple with blue sky

Something distinguishes Christianity from all the religions of the world. Not only does it carry the truth of the redemption, by the death of our Savior for our sins on the cross, but it carries the fact that Christ rose again. Only the Christian faith claims that its Leader died and rose again and is alive at this moment. Many gravestones carry the inscription, “Here lies . . . ,” but on Christ’s tomb are emblazoned the words, “He is not here.” Christianity has no shrines to visit, no dusty remains to venerate, no tombs at which to worship. Many good men have lived, and still live, in the memory of those who knew them, but there is only one Man who conquered death-Jesus Christ-and He will live forever.

Prayer for the day

The account of Your resurrection never ceases to bring me joy, Lord Jesus.

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  1. Gabriel N Moses says:

    Amen!! JESUS lives for ever and he is the Lord of Lords

  2. Tendayi Patrick Ngoma says:

    This is great and we thank God for the insight . We need much of this.

  3. Carrie says:

    Thank you Jesus

  4. Peter Giger says:

    Christianity gives us the knowledge that personal integrity is it’s own reward and we are rewarded also in this life-time. Unlike in Jesus day we don’t have to wait to get to heaven. We are not condemned to the crucifix. Are worse enemy is our own consciences. We must be honest with ourselves that our Faith comes through a Divine source and THAT will never die. We must reconnect “the dots” to personal integrity, not prosperity or even fellowship which can weaken our personal commitments and dampen our achievements.

  5. Sandra Spires says:

    Thank you so much for this website. I love to read the present updates on The Decision Tour Bus. God Bless this wonderful ministry.

  6. Dave says:

    Real hope comes form Jesus Christ. Not from politics.