What Is God Like?

By   •   February 4

rays of light on water

I believe it is possible to know what God is like. The Bible declares that God is Spirit, that He is not limited to body; He is not limited to shape; He is not limited to force; He is not limited to boundaries or bonds; He is absolutely immeasurable. Thousands of people are trying to limit God to certain spheres, and relegate Him to certain categories that are the product of their own speculation. There is no limit to God. There is no limit to His wisdom. There is no limit to His power. There is no limit to His love. There is no limit to His mercy. Men change, fashions change, conditions and circumstances change, but God never changes.

Prayer for the day

I limit You so many times, Lord. Forgive my finite mind and fill me with Your wisdom, power, and mercy, so that I can touch those You love this day.

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  1. Benedicto says:

    I would like some information and direction to study The Bible. I love preaching and sharing the love of Christ and would like to be guided in the right direction.

    1. BGEA says:

      This article offers some tips for reading Scripture, as well as diving into your walk with God through prayer and relationships: http://billygraham.org/story/how-to-dive-into-your-walk-with-god/

      You might also be interested in these short Q&As on the Bible: http://billygraham.org/grow-your-faith/topics/christianity/bible/

  2. Madhusmita Das says:

    god is great ,god loves and cares her all child

  3. Max says:

    God is everywhere all seeing, all knowing. It is impossible for the mind to comprehend this. However if we have a close relationship with God he lets us know if we please or displease him by the feelings of happiness or guilt we have in our heart.

  4. martha joe says:

    Thank you for the good message.I want to learn more.There is no limit to his mercy ooh Lord have mercy upon me

  5. Gerry says:

    God is perfect , in every possible way……

  6. Joyce Paul says:

    Lord,I want to grow, so help me to go Deeper into YOUR Word. Teach me each day, so that I am Better equipped to serve n Worship YOU!!! God Richly Bless U n Ur Ministries! Amen.

  7. Rick Wilson says:

    To worship YHWH God wholeheartedly, with a broken and contrite heart, indeed one must change, and accept the change that true repentance brings, however, to say that our heavenly Father is unchanging is not exactly true, at least in the fact that today we might not see the light that tomorrow we will learn to accept.

    1. Joyce Muraya says:

      God is unchanging in His love for us, His mercies towards us and every plan He has determined to manifest. He is unchanging in Power, His might, wisdom, faithfulness, forgiveness, awesomeness, and much more. God does not shift like us His creation, that is unchangeable nature but He may change His mind if He spoke about a blessing that is usually conditional and the condition is unmet or if He speaks of a consequence and there is repentance.

  8. Dorothy Smith says:

    I am going to continue to read and catch up on this daily devotional website, without further comment. God you know my heart and I am contrite. I will continue to learn more about you in this month of February.