What Is Conscience?

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What is conscience? God has put within each one of us something that cries aloud against us, whenever we do that which we know to be wrong. Conscience is the detective that watches the direction of our steps and decries every conscious transgression. Conscience is a vigilant eye before which each imagination, thought, and act, is held up for either censure or approval.

I believe there is no greater argument for the existence of God in the world today than conscience. There is no greater proof of the existence of a moral law and Lawgiver in the universe than this little light of the soul. It is God’s voice to the inner man. Conscience is our wisest counselor and teacher, our most faithful and most patient friend.

Prayer for the day

Thank You, Father, for my conscience which checks me and guards my actions. Help me to be alert to its promptings, through Your Holy Spirit.

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  1. Rick Wilson says:

    “YHWH God told me to write down in a book what the people are like, so that there would be a permanent record of how evil they are. They are always rebelling against YHWH God, always lying, always refusing to listen to the LORD YHWH’s teachings. They tell the prophets to keep quiet. They say, ‘Don’t talk to us about what’s right. Tell us what we want to hear. Let us keep our illusions. Get out of our way and stop blocking our path. We don’t want to hear about your holy YHWH God of Israel.”

  2. BOBBY says:


  3. Gerry says:

    Believers and non-believers , alike both know when they do something wrong. Ie stealing , etc. One is convicted , by God’s Holy Spirit . They ask for forgiveness and try to overcome their sin. The non-believer does not care. They gladly continue to indulge in their sin. One day every knee will bow……