What God Expects

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What God expects, and all God expects, is that we dedicate completely all of our talents and gifts to Him. That is the meaning of the parable of the talents in Matthew, chapter 25. Read this parable, and you will see that we are always rewarded because of our faithfulness. You can be just as faithful as anyone and have the commendation of the Lord. Take the one talent you have and invest it in eternal things. Some talented people lose their reward because they do things to be seen of men. Some untalented people lose their reward because they fail to dedicate what they have, because it is not noticed by men. Both have sinned equally.

Prayer for the day

Let me not be concerned with the praise of men, but may my talent be completely yielded to You, Lord Jesus.

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  1. Karen says:

    Help me Lord to do this

  2. Adepeju Robert James says:

    Amen in Jesus Christ name

  3. margareta cronholm says:

    Thank you Mr. Billy Graham. I am giving all to God now when I surely believe that He is in control. He has created me so interesting that people either hate or love me. I myself is not so fond of this spotlight on my person, but it is the will of God, and He has everything under control. There is gonne be a great change were I live between different races.

  4. Marilynn Weisser says:

    Lord help me to use my talents for your Glory. Amen

  5. KC says:

    You need to know what those talents and gifts are in order to use them.

  6. Gerry says:

    It is indeed an honour to use our God-given talent to quietly help those in need. Thank you Lord for the opportunities .

  7. Joyce paul says:

    Praise GOD for the Wisdom by which He knows what is best for us,and for the Power to do what He Promises. God Bless us all.Amen.

  8. Rick Wilson says:

    2) Memorizing scripture equips us to witness more effectively to the lost; memorizing scripture enables us to more effectively exhort & encourage other believers; memorizing scripture makes the revealed will of our YHWH God the meditation of our hearts; memorizing the promises of scripture will enable us to stand strong when faced w/ end-time trials & catastrophes.