We Cannot Out-Give God

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We are to be stewards of our money. When it is invested and shared for the glory of God, it can be a boon and a blessing. I know a businessman in Detroit, Michigan, who made a promise to God that he would tithe his entire income to the work of the Lord. He said his business had tripled, and that God had more than fulfilled His end of the bargain.

Some time ago I heard from a laborer in the San Joaquin Valley of California who said that he and his wife agreed to give one tenth of their income to the Lord. At the time they made their decision, he was able to get work only about seven months of the year. Now he says he has steady work, and is earning nearly twice what he was before. You cannot get around it; the Scripture promises material and spiritual benefits to the man who gives to God.

You cannot out-give God. I challenge you to try it and see.

Does God need my money? Billy Graham answers questions on giving.

Prayer for the day

Forgive me, Lord, for the times I have wanted to keep that which is rightfully Yours.

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  1. Robert Crenshaw says:

    God bless you and your family, Mr. Graham.

  2. Esdras Arthur says:

    Amém! God is very good!

  3. Audrey Herbruck says:

    I ask the Lord to calm my anxieties about my husband and his giving. We have been faithful and know God is good and take him at his word. He will bless us if we trust him with our finances. He says “test me in this” so that is what we are doing!

  4. Pamela zimpfer says:

    Thank you Father God for your abundant and wonderful gifts for my family and I! I praise Your Holy Name. Amen

  5. Cynthia phillips says:

    Love this giving. I will.

  6. Jabulani Mthembu says:

    I feel blessed by Gods word, receive my blessings in Jesus Mighty nama, Amen.

  7. King Johnson says:

    Faith Currency and Grace!)+

  8. Rosario Lewis says:

    All good things come from God. Money and wealth are not evil. We came empty-handed and we came back empty-handed. What is ours actually isn’t ours. One day we have to leave it all. But it is important to know that we cannot be saved through donations and offerings. Only one way to be saved and that is JESUS. Thank you God for Jesus and the cross. We can never repay it. Glory to God. Amen

  9. Magendiran Yarsan says:

    Amen. Thank you Lord Jesus.