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As I study the subject of “separation” in the Old and New Testaments, I discover that the weight of Scripture lies in the direction of fellowship rather than separation. What is the great overwhelming evidence that we have passed from death unto life? It is love! Jesus Christ clearly was speaking of visible unity, such as can be seen by the world. His motive for praying was that the world might believe and the world might know. He prayed for unity among believers. God, who wills man’s unity in Christ, is a God of variety. So often we want everyone to be the same—to think and speak and believe as we do. Many Scripture passages could be called to witness that love is the real key to Christian unity. In the spirit of true humility, compassion, consideration, and unselfishness, we are to approach our problems, our work, and even our differences.

Prayer for the day

In a world needing Your love, let me not judge those who love You too. You have made us all so different, Father. Teach me, by Your loving Holy Spirit, compassion and true unity.

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  1. Mickey Porter,sr says:

    Mr.Graham, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this post about the Almighty God and all the wonderful creations and His love for us all.I’ve been struggling with the good and evil as Christians continue to do,but after seeing your post, and having an opportunity to pay you a compliment does my heart good.You’re truly an inspiration to me and God bless you


    to be in unit of GOD IS GOOD

  3. Susan Carr says:

    Yes! Ignorance, in my opinion, is the source of disunity in the body of Christ. We tend to fear others because we do not know nor desire to know them. The church, in America especially, is comfortable and spoiled. Therefore, many within her do not have the time or desire to learn about the differences of others or even care. What a shame!

  4. Adepeju Robert James says:


  5. PAMELA MUBUTA says:

    My family and I will serve the Lord, ALL the days of our lives.

  6. Martin Mwansa makalashya says:

    Enlightening, its love that builds and brings together, thankyou again for the reminder, Amen

  7. King B. Johnson says:

    #Beautiful #BelieveIt #BeLikeJesus We are one with Him!-)

  8. Bill Wonders says:

    Change my heart o God, let me be more like you. God bless us one and all and God be with us all. Amen