The Unchanging God

By   •   January 10

cross on top of rock

Have you ever thought about the collapse of time? From the days of the Lord Jesus Christ until about 1830, man could not travel any faster than a horse. In 1960, a man went into space and traveled at a speed of 18,000 miles an hour. Look how far we have come in so short a time! Sometimes when I read the papers, I think we are trying to run the Space Age with horse-and-buggy moral and spiritual equipment. Technology, you see, has no morals; and with no moral restraints man will destroy himself ecologically, militarily, or in some other way. Only God can give a person moral restraints and spiritual strength. While our world is shaking and crumbling, we need to realize that one thing will never change, and that is God. He is the same today as He was ten million years ago, and He will be the same ten million years from today. We are like grasshoppers; we appear and hop around a bit on the earth, and then we are gone.

Got a minute? Hear about God’s unchanging wisdom in this 60-second message with Billy Graham.

Have a little more time? Listen to Billy Graham’s 16-minute message on the unchanging God.

Prayer for the day

Almighty God, to know You are unchanging gives me peace in a frighteningly changing world.

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  1. Malcolm says:

    Thank You God. You are the unchangable changer.

  2. Sherry hart says:

    Love the devotionals.

  3. Joe says:

    Amen! Thanks be to God.

  4. Rebecca L Sizemore says:

    My husband came to know the Lord as a result of coming to a Franklin Graham crusade. I thank the Lord he walked in his Daddy’s footsteps to accept the call of God on his life and lead others to Christ.

  5. Yemmey says:

    Please how can I get this devotionals daily. Blessings!

    1. Sandi says:

      Yemmey – I downloaded the Billy Graham BGEA app and open it every morning and it is on the right. Many blessings to you in your desire for more of God’s word and wisdom.

  6. Julie Pielaat says:

    Breakneck speed of human progress during my life. God soothes me. You are so right on!

  7. Yhajaira says:

    Help me pray for my husband Carlos for he’s salvation . It has not been any easy but I put my trust in the Lord thank you and God bless

    1. Sandi says:

      I have prayed for your husband that he will receive his salvation and give his heart to Jesus.

  8. Lannie Mostoles says:

    He is the same yesterday today and forever..The Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end…….
    In.every season His love never end..