The Struggles of Life

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Man standing alone in field

All life is a struggle—that is the nature of things. Even within our physical bodies, doctors tell us, a conflict for supremacy is going on. The bacteria in our bloodstream are waging a constant war against alien germs. The red corpuscles fight the white corpuscles constantly in an effort to maintain life within the body. A battle is also raging in the spiritual realm. “We fight,” the Bible says, “against the rulers of the darkness of this world.” Darkness hates light. I have a dog that would rather dig up a moldy carcass to chew on than to have the finest, cleanest meal. He can’t help it—that is his nature. Men cannot help that it is their nature to respond to the lewd, the salacious, and the vile. They will have difficulty doing otherwise until they are born again. And until they are changed by the power of Christ, they will likely be at enmity against those who are associated with Christ.

Prayer for the day

When I consider the work of Jesus on this earth—which led to His supreme sacrifice—I pray all my labor this day will glorify You, my beloved Savior.

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  1. W.Shinglai Hwang says:

    I’m embracing DrBilly’s messages ever since I heard his name from first year in college 1983.I was not born again even if I were saved from three major accident.I came to know that it was only God’s mighty hand that could save me from many terrible accidents and I’m still OK/normal person, inspitof many terrible injuries in my body.I really thank God through BillyGraham because God begun to speak to me that He love so much and his love to me can not compare with anything in this world and can explained.