The Secret of Contentment

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Jesus told His disciples that the world would hate them. They would be “as sheep in the midst of wolves.” They would be arrested, scourged, and brought before governors and kings. Even their loved ones would persecute them. As the world hated and persecuted Him, so it would treat His servants. Thousands of Christians have learned the secret of contentment and joy in trial. Some of the happiest Christians I have met have been life-long sufferers. They have had every reason to sigh and complain, being denied so many privileges and pleasures that they see others enjoy, yet they have found greater cause for gratitude and joy than many who are prosperous, vigorous, and strong.

In all ages, Christians have found it possible to maintain the spirit of joy in the hour of trial. In circumstances that would have felled most men, they have so completely risen above them that they actually have used the circumstances to serve and glorify Christ.

Prayer for the day

Lord Jesus, keep us ever mindful of the need to rejoice in You constantly; to go beyond the circumstance, no matter how desperate, and to see You as our hope and joy.

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  1. Terry Corbin says:

    Uplifting to read any material from the Billy Graham Organization. Would welcome any materials.

  2. martha nichols says:

    I need to keep this close to me and yet share w my family…we all need to be reminded of this. We can choose to be joyful despite the devil and our circumstances! Thank you and God Bless! I will donate another time..

  3. Betty Ann Gandy says:

    My husband had 3 mini strokes November 22nd, 2015. He has been at home since December 9th,2015. His brother lives with us because he was released from prison with 5yrs paper to do, and we are his only family with a stable home. I have multiple sclerosis and it is very hard taking care of my husband, managing a home, keeping appointments for 3 people! Very stressful!!! But, then there’s God! I just love how when I’m reading the Bible and it’s a “bad”situation… and then it goes… But God! Wow, just to read that & know it applies to me also, Wow! I just know He’s got it all planned out, and I can rest and have peace. What will be is already in His perfect hands, THANK YOU PRECIOUS LORD!

  4. Kim says:

    A week ago my family met a car accident and i’m thankful that kids are okay and my husband, except me, i got myself diagnosed with neck injury due to whiplash. The lord jesus has been faithful that no total damages been done. I’m glad and thankful still no matter what happen.

  5. regina says:

    thank you for the great work, may God bless you and your ministry

  6. Anil Christian says:

    This is a very important lesson to me and all those who want to live a Christian life. Thanks. Thank you Jesus.

  7. Kasey says:

    I want the peace and joy you speak of. I have been saved 42 years. I feel oppressed and depressed, in chronic pain and suffering. I want that peace and joy but it eludes me and I wish God would just take me home to Him. I am wasted space on this planet where He is concerned. I don’t further His Kingdom or make any difference anywhere for Him.

    1. BGEA says:

      Kasey, you are not wasted space. You are a masterpiece to God (Ephesians 2:10). He created you with unique talents, personalities and desires. You aren’t mass produced, but carefully made by the God of the universe, and He knows your name. Your life is not worthless, but a gift from Him. We passed on your comment to our team so we can respond to you more fully as soon as possible. If you’d like to chat with someone now, please visit our page and look for the chat button. We’re happy to connect with you confidentially online:

  8. Andrew says:

    Thank you Jesus for loving me and never giving up on me.

  9. bruce wiles says:


    1. Electia says: