The Secret of Contentment

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Jesus told His disciples that the world would hate them. They would be “as sheep in the midst of wolves.” They would be arrested, scourged, and brought before governors and kings. Even their loved ones would persecute them. As the world hated and persecuted Him, so it would treat His servants. Thousands of Christians have learned the secret of contentment and joy in trial. Some of the happiest Christians I have met have been lifelong sufferers. They have had every reason to sigh and complain, being denied so many privileges and pleasures that they see others enjoy, yet they have found greater cause for gratitude and joy than many who are prosperous, vigorous and strong.

In all ages, Christians have found it possible to maintain the spirit of joy in the hour of trial. In circumstances that would have felled most men, they have so completely risen above them that they actually have used the circumstances to serve and glorify Christ.

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Prayer for the day

Lord Jesus, keep us ever mindful of the need to rejoice in You constantly; to go beyond the circumstance, no matter how desperate, and to see You as our hope and joy.

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  1. Gerry says:

    Difficult times are inevitable. How we respond to these times is what truly matters. Seek God always. Reach out to Him in your hour of need. He will give you peace and comfort to endure and grow. For it’s through these tough times that we mature the most.

  2. Marjorie Simmerling says:

    Billy Graham’s ministries are the best way I know how to spread the word of Christ around the world.

  3. Tess says:

    I wanted to contribute it wouldn’t be much until the first of every month. I have searched for a good bible study but when I found Mr. Graham I was delighted to download his apps thank you and God bless.

  4. David Huff says:

    On January 13th I had an episode of Ludwig’s Angina and came very close to dying. As I contemplated that I could only have a few minutes to live in that ER and prayed that God would intervene I was so thankful that was so thankful we serve a God who is much greater than any problem we face!!!

  5. Gerry says:

    Jesus never said life’s journey would be easy ….what he said was I will be with you always . You can count on him for sure.

  6. Joe says:

    Always thanks be to God.

  7. Sunky says:


  8. Sabara says:

    I cannot (but can also) believe the amazing timing of reading this article, right when I needed such a word. I laughed and cried instantly as I didnt feel alone. You helped bring joy to this long-sufferer. Thank you for such a message of grace. Time to exhale.