The Power of Words

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There is a story of a woman in England who came to her vicar with a troubled conscience. The vicar knew her to be a habitual gossip—she had maligned nearly everyone in the village. “How can I make amends?” she pleaded. The vicar said, “If you want to make peace with your conscience, take a bag of goose feathers and drop one on the porch of each one you have slandered.” When she had done so, she came back to the vicar and said, “Is that all?” “No,” said the wise old minister, “you must go now and gather up every feather and bring them all back to me.” After a long time the woman returned without a single feather. “The wind has blown them all away,” she said. “My good woman,” said the vicar, “so it is with gossip. Unkind words are easily dropped, but we can never take them back again.”

Audio: Billy Graham preaches on the sins of the tongue.

Prayer for the day

Might my words about another be ones that are spoken in the spirit of Your loving kindness, Father.

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  1. Patty says:

    The power of words are so inspirational and incouraging to me

  2. Wilma Cavalier says:

    Please don’t give up. God needs all of us sheep on the day of the war against good and evil…the Great Tribulation. You are supposed to be part of that great and wonderful day. We have prayed for you and hope you are able to get yourself to a Church to have the enemy removed from your body and spirit , so that you can have discernment of what is evil, and what is Holy, from Jesus, Yeshua himself.

  3. Lisa says:

    I love this, I need prayer! I have put trust in Amman that said he was a Christian. I have seen no signs of it, but yet he claims he is one and God is telling him to take charge because in his eyes we are married. He said I am to obey, summit. And listen only to him. Everyone else in the world is wrong. I am scared and alone except for my savior. I keep my faith that God will protect me and my son. His tongue is awful except for him he is not perfect. I need prayer!

    1. Pat says:

      Get away from this man. He is as a false prophets we are warned about telling us next he is Jesus! Save your son. I had 3 sons I was married. He beat me everyday, he told me he was to rule my life, God told him, he locked us away from all people. it will only get crazier and worse. I being a Bible believe stayed praying for his soul to change, but we got caught in his false teaching us.I finally left when he was about to kill us. My sons are struggling in lives because of my failing in staying in this. Run while you can. RUN TO GOD, for your son’s sake. Will be a hardship, go to a shelter for women with your son. In a Bible church. God bless you.

    2. Paul says:

      Lisa, I pray God gives you strength and courage to leave that man and protect your son. Lord, lift Lisa up and fill her with Your power. In the Name of Jesus.