The Love of God

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The Bible is a revelation of the fact that God is love. Many people misunderstand the attribute of God’s nature which is love. “God is love” does not mean that everything is sweet, beautiful, and happy, and that God’s love could not possibly allow punishment for sin.

When we preach justice, it is justice tempered with love. When we preach righteousness, it is righteousness founded on love. When we preach atonement, it is atonement planned by love, provided by love, given by love, finished by love, necessitated because of love. When we preach the resurrection of Christ, we are preaching the miracle of love. When we preach the return of Christ, we are preaching the fulfillment of love.

No matter what sin you have committed, or how terrible, dirty, or shameful it may be, God loves you. This love of God is immeasurable, unmistakable, and unending!

Listen to this Billy Graham audio message about God’s love.

Prayer for the day

My heartfelt gratitude to You, Father, for Your forgiveness and love. I must be acutely aware that in all my dealing with others the only yardstick I have is Your immeasurable love.

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  1. Maria Rodriguez says:

    Pray for my knee, for total healing I’m a missionary and need to get back to work for the Lord. Please. Thank you.

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Maria,

      Lord, we ask for you to heal Maria’s knee and take away any pain she’s experiencing. Encourage her and give her your peace. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

      May God bless you!

  2. Jonathan Hagen says:

    this does really express the love of God, Amen

  3. Jonathan Hagen says:

    this does really express the love of God

  4. love locklear says:

    You’re absolutely correct god is truly about love He’s a mighty God and no one could take that away if you truly believe he’s done so much for me in my life time but most of all he did it all when he died for my sins we all should know and understand who he is and he has all power over us what greater love has our heavenly father showed us so believe and he shall come to you in many ways he says he puts no more on us than we can bare those who call on him and believe till the end shall be surly saved and shall enter in his kingdom what a wonderous victory in Jesus he will forgive us of our sins we just have to be sincere to him he’s very strict. God. £ and we are also his children he watching over like a flock of sheep his time is soon go

  5. Chris Ward says:

    Good stuff