The Cleansing Power of Christ

By   •   February 6


To have a guilty conscience is an experience. Psychologists may define it as a guilt complex and may seek to rationalize away the sense of guilt; but once this has been awakened through the application of the law of God, no explanation will quiet the insistent voice of conscience. Many a criminal has finally given himself over to the authorities because the accusations of a guilty conscience were worse than prison bars. The Bible teaches that Christ cleanses the conscience. To have a guilty conscience cleansed and to be free from its constant accusation is an experience, but it is not the cleansing of the conscience that saves you; it is faith in Christ that saves, and a cleansed conscience is the result of having come into the right relationship with God.

Prayer for the day

I stand in awe of the magnitude of Your forgiveness, Father.

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  1. Patricia Rozier Rose says:

    I loved the depth you gave in this article, so many in our world need the insight ,understanding you gave ! Thank you

  2. Pamela says:

    So glad to be forgiven!

  3. Max says:

    Todays message has exposed a raw nerve in many of us and we should be happy about this. Guilt is a good thing. We can talk to our Heavenly Father in prayer and ask forgiveness and help in rectifying what we have done, said or thought. If we are able excuse ourselves or rationalize what we have done, that is the prince of the air at work and that is not good. soon we will lose all of our conscience.

  4. Martha Thompson says:

    With love and prayers, Your Intercessor/friend