The Broken Home

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The broken home has become the number one social problem of America, and could ultimately lead to the destruction of our civilization. Since the basic unit of any society is the home, when the home begins to break, the society is on the way to disintegration. It is a threat to the American way of life. It does not make screaming headlines; but, like termites, it is eating away at the heart and core of the American structure.

It is high time that our so-called experts on marriage, the family, and the home turn to the Bible. We have read newspaper columns and listened to counselors on the radio; psychiatrists have had a land-office business. In it all, the One who performed the first marriage in the Garden of Eden and instituted the union between man and wife has been left out.

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Prayer for the day

I pray, Lord, for the homes in this beloved country. Without Your love and wisdom guiding us, our society will crumble.

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  1. Susan says:

    I have in a spiritual warfare for 7 years of my marriage. I tried everything possible. My husband has been unfaithful and living multiple lifes and so many lies. I prayed and cried to the Lord for help. Finally, I realized that I needed to let him go and let God have it His way with him. I have filed for divorce it hurts me a lot. But I believe that it’s the only way for him to be save and receive Jesus in his heart. I believe I was allowing him to be the monster he has become. I don’t recognize him. Please pray for me to find peace thru this and for his salvation as it’s what I most desire. Thank you and may God bless you

    1. Robert says:

      Susan, I know exactly how you feel. I will keep you in all my prayers as well as your husband.

  2. Carl Doyle says:

    Dr. Graham, I am just finishing a daily devotion book named Wisdom for Each Day, if there is one for 2017, I would like to purchase one, I got this one at Wal Mart.

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Carl,

      There isn’t a new devotional from Billy Graham for 2017 but there are more devotionals from him. Our website is Billy Graham Bookstore if you’d like to browse through his other devotionals.