The Broken Home

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The broken home has become the number one social problem of America, and could ultimately lead to the destruction of our civilization. Since the basic unit of any society is the home, when the home begins to break, the society is on the way to disintegration. It is a threat to the American way of life. It does not make screaming headlines; but, like termites, it is eating away at the heart and core of the American structure.

It is high time that our so-called experts on marriage, the family, and the home turn to the Bible. We have read newspaper columns and listened to counselors on the radio; psychiatrists have had a land-office business. In it all, the One who performed the first marriage in the Garden of Eden and instituted the union between man and wife has been left out.

Prayer for the day

I pray, Lord, for the homes in this beloved country. Without Your love and wisdom guiding us, our society will crumble.

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  1. Sophia says:

    Please pray for my husband and I. He is self employed and has not had any steady work since June. We are in drier need of financial break through. My social security income barely pays the bills. Our marriage is weakening. We try to stay focused on God’s promises, we volunteer frequently, we pray for hurting and sick people, but we don’t see the light. Please pray for us. May God bless you so richly.

  2. Jessey says:

    The truth is that we need to go back to the very truth which the Bible teaches about homes and families. Above all, we must give God His rightful place, first in our lives, and then in our homes.

  3. Ajadi John says:

    Woooooow! What a short message but inspiring. True words, though not only in America but also globally precisely Nigeria where I am, it happens where we see a lot of homes about to breakdown, some breaking as we speak and while others already break down. The so called ministers of God are no longer giving any priority nor enough importance to this area leading to fearlessness, disregard, unloving, dishonesty and many more towards wrecking havoc on every individuals. Hmmmm, well I pray for God’s intervention over uniting every both breaking and broken homes in general. Amen

  4. Gerry says:

    Billy is absolutely correct once again. The backbone of our society is the family unit. The demise of the family structure will be the demise of society as we know it . Marriages have become disposable , for even the slightest reasons . Moral values have plummeted to an all time low . However despite all these negative trends God remains on the throne for all who choose to trust and obey.

  5. Max says:

    Father God I pray help us. Oh, we need you.

  6. Joyce Paul says:

    We need your urgent healing prayer! God Bless you in your ministries richly! Amen.

  7. Nancy Rogers says:

    I pray out heavenly FATHER still heal my home. My adult son is disrespectful, using profanity when screaming at me.I know Satan is trying toi break up my home.God is in control and all powerful more than this evil presence.

  8. Donna Stark says:

    You will give us to each other before there is more damage. Give us love abounding in your favor and design. Give us healing. Calm my fears Lord and give me confidence that you know the devastation I’ve endured and help me to know you won’t let us part. I’ve lost and my heart aches, I know our finances are his source of anger, I ask that you tend to a speedy win in my disability case. Keep our feet planted right here in our home & bring us back to a love that is impenetrable. Hear my prayer, Abba, Father. I am your princess daughter & you will give me my hearts desire. Please Block him from leaving & give us back to each other soon. I love him more & more & I don’t believe I will be alone that he will see the truth & keep us together. Amen

  9. Donna Stark says:

    Lord stand with me daily and rebuke satan from our lives, love, marriage, home, family. Only our Father, God has authority here. Give his Christian married friends the boldness to witness to John that he will be satisfied more by healing in himself, our marriage more than if he leaves. Fill his dreams of our sweetest memories and give him visions of how wonderful our love and will be. Those who are tempting or instructing John I ask that you give him wisdom to see where they are tearing him down more than just his wife. Help him see the truth of their wickedness, that he can remove himself. Close his ears to clanging chatter from their mouths and close his eyes to those who flaunt the evil b4 him. Father, I trust, faithfully that you will