Tears of Repentance

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There is a certain amount of sorrow involved in repentance that we don’t see much of today. That word means moaning and even groaning. I don’t mean that we have to have a great emotional experience, but I do believe that we need some tears of repentance. We need to be sorry for our sins, and to say, “Oh, God, I have sinned against You, and I’m sorry.” I am not an emotional person. I don’t know why, but I don’t cry easily. But of the few times I have cried in my life, some of them have been over sin that I committed many years ago.

The night I came to Christ, I didn’t have any tears. But later I went home and I looked out my window at the North Carolina sky and I cried over my sins. I said, “Oh, God, forgive me.” And the most wonderful peace swept over my soul. From that moment on, I’ve known that my sins were forgiven.

What does repentance mean? Listen to this message from Billy Graham.

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Prayer for the day

There is sorrow in my soul when I remember how I fail You, loving Lord. Forgive my frailties.

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  1. Dawn says:

    I have taken advantage of people in my past. I have lied to a few people and got money from them for no reason at all, but told them that I needed it for bills or repairs, then I just went out and spent the money on frivolous things. I have since rededicated my life to the Lord Jesus Christ and I have this overwhelming guilt about what I have done. I have asked the Lords forgiveness but the guilt is still there. I wish I could ask those people that I wronged, but I don’t know how to get in contact with them. Help!!

    1. Cathy Stoffel says:

      I know how you feel. Then I remember that God has removed my sins as far as the east is from the west. Satan keeps me in bondage if I take my eyes off of God’s miraculous grace. My problem was that I needed to forgive myself and not allow the enemy to steal my joy in the Lord. I pray this helps you and you can forgive and love yourself. XOXO

  2. Robin says:

    What does wide is the gate @ narrow is the path,,truly mean..if I have excepted Jesus as my lord @ savior but I still live my way will I still go to heaven? So many questions

    1. BGEA says:

      Thanks for asking, Robin. We have passed on your questions to our team so we can respond via email.

  3. roma joseph says:

    Yes, I am sorry Lord because I was not able to understand such a great love, but now I understand.

  4. normankarwa says:

    Thnx lord for your cares and mercy

  5. Rita Calo says:

    I know that Protestants don’t have the Crucifix because they want to be reminded that Jesus is Risen. But sometimes I think we need to see the Crucifix and ponder and meditate on it to be reminded that Christ suffered and died for us.

  6. Vibha says:

    Thank you Jesus for your grace.. and forgiving our sins, and loving unconditionally…

  7. D.S.Rajsekhar, Triplicane, Chennai. says:

    There is pleasure in sin, but it stings at the last. Oh Lord, Your saving Grace has opened the eyes of my understanding to Wisdom and I realise that EVERYTHING, outside of CHRIST, is RUBBISH. AMEN!

  8. King B. Johnson says:

    🙂 #JoyComethInTheMorning!)