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There is never any conflict between true science and our Christian faith. It is my own feeling that when all of the truth is known, it will be found that the Genesis story is a wonderfully accurate record of what took place when the world was created. This may be a telescoped record, giving only major points, but I believe it is scientifically accurate. To discard the Bible because we do not understand everything in it, or in the world, would be a foolish thing to do. Let me also suggest that teachers should confine themselves to those areas in which they are qualified. I have known unbelievers to attack the Christian faith through their teaching, even when they did not have the remotest idea of what true Christianity is. For instance, one does not send an art critic to write up a football game, or a sports writer to evaluate a painting. Ask God to give you the wisdom to keep things in their proper perspective, and—above all—faithfully read your Bible and pray every day. If you do, God will give you the faith and wisdom you need to meet any problem.

Billy Graham explains why it is possible to be a faithful Christian and a scientist.

Prayer for the day

Father, each day as I read the Bible You reveal to me more of the reality of Your love and wisdom. I delight in Your Word!

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  1. Roger C. Thurmond says:

    Love the truth and immutability of the Scriptures, especially the way Billy Graham shares it.

  2. King Johnson says:


  3. Gerry says:

    Before you open God’s Holy Word each day, be certain to pray first. Ask Him to reveal the great truths you are about to read. Then, consider how you can apply the life-changing knowledge you’ve gained. You will become a better servant.

  4. Rick Wilson says:

    “A nation without YHWH God’s guidance is a nation without order. Happy are those who keep YHWH God’s law! Everyone wants the good will of the ruler, but only from the LORD YHWH God can you get justice.”

  5. DAVID says:


  6. Nancy Thomas says:

    I do not understand why there should be a conflict between God and science. Since God is responsible for science as well as everything else, whatever is truth is because God made it so. There can be no conflict such as between creationism and evolution, for instance.. Why is this so hard to believe? God created everything and it evolves as is necessary to survive in a changing world. We all need to totally believe in God’s complete control over his entire universe and all it’s magnificence.

  7. Akuila Rawaqa says:

    Live for Jesus because who died for us.

  8. Edwin Polania Vela says:

    Thank you for sharing the wisdom of God. Please pray for me about my deliverance, my prosperity, our salvation and our migration to USA.

  9. Tom Elwood says:

    An ‘expert’ in science will come to the wrong conclusion if he starts with an anti God/Bible presupposition. Evolution and an old earth is a theory that is taught as true science..

  10. Janie McIntosh says:

    God bless you all so richly for what you are doing to help the needy, and people in trouble.. What would the world be without you. I love you all.