Sanctity of Marriage

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In the marriage ceremony, after the vows are said, the minister solemnly and reverently remarks, “What God hath joined together let no man put asunder.” Is not God the third part in a marriage? Should He not be taken into account in the marriage, and in the home that emerges from that marriage? If God joins the couple together at the outset, should not His presence be recognized in the home continually? Many homes are on the rocks today because God has been left out of the domestic picture.

With the clash of personalities in a domestic pattern, there must be an integrating force, and the living God is that Force! Many couples think that if they have a better home, get a better job, or live in a different neighborhood, their domestic life will be happier. No! The secret of domestic happiness is to let God, the party of the third part in the marriage contract, have His rightful place in the home. Make peace with Him, and then you can be a real peacemaker in the home.

Prayer for the day

In my relationships with those I love, help me to be a peacemaker, Lord. May I always look to You, the Prince of Peace.

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  1. Rick Wilson says:

    The time is indeed at hand! The wedding ceremony is soon to start. Have YOU, the bridesmaids, trimmed your lamps w/ enough oil, or will YOU be found wanting? Like a thief in the night, no-one knows the exact date of our lord Yeshua’s return, but we can discern the sign of the times. Quick, away! Purchase enough oil to keep your lamps burning until the time! Do not be caught wanting, for the first will be last, & the last shall be first; &, there will be weeping & gnashing of teeth.

  2. margareta cronholm says:

    Thank you. I should like to think that God comes first in a marriage. Maybe I am wrong, but it feels all right to think of God as a Spirit greatest in people’s hearts. And naturally the law of God will rule the home.

  3. Hudline V. Loriston says:

    Thank you!!!

  4. Nolito Dajoya says:

    For Graham family, I thank you so much for all the messages in your BGEA ministry. With this ministry you blessed lot of people and encourage more and more. May God the father through his son jesus Christ give your family long lives for the ministry that God intrusted you. God bless you forever…