Salvation Is An Act of God

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Salvation is an act of God. It is initiated by God, wrought by God, and sustained by God. The faith that saves the soul is described as faith in Christ as the Son of God-not as a good man or a great man, but as the uniquely begotten Son of the living God!

This is consistent with the witness of the entire New Testament and with the proclamations of the first preachers of the Gospel. All proclaim the necessity of faith in Jesus Christ as deity.

Prayer for the day

Lord Jesus, Son of God, I worship You unreservedly and praise Your holy name.

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  1. Mark spindle says:

    Is predestination biblical, pertaining to Salvation?

  2. Lois Nga says:

    The Lord is the strength of my life and my portion forever!

  3. Pastor Maurice & Tammy Staples says:

    This is a blessed sight to see and be lifted up spiritually. Praise Jesus Son of God.

  4. Deborah says:

    What would the world do without Jesus? I really can’t understand how when you hear that someone like Him loved you so much that he died that you might live, could say “no thanks” .
    He is the “living water” and only Him and Him alone can relieve my thirst. He is my God.. my rock and my precious Savior. God bless Billy, Franklin and the rest of BGEA for proclaiming “Jesus is Lord”

  5. Jesse Myrick says:

    May God continue to use you and work through you and to bless you. Your family has been such a blessing to this country and the world and we are so thankful, keep it up.

  6. Gerry says:

    Life, prior to salvation, is mere existence . A meaningful life ,truly begins ,the day you ask Christ into your heart. Life prior to salvation is similar to driving in a heavy fog . After you emerge you can see things much more clearly.