Respect for Authority

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Have respect for authority. Jesus Christ was under the authority of His Father in heaven . . . He lived for one thing: to fulfill the will of the Father. Everyone is subject to some kind of authority. There is one chain of command and the ultimate authority at the top is God.

What is the authority in your life? Is it your selfishness? Your lust? Your greed? Or have you turned it all over to God and said, “Lord, You are going to be my authority?” When you are under authority, you are then able to assume authority.

Listen to this 5-minute sermon from Billy Graham about Jesus as the authority of your life. 

Prayer for the day

There are still areas in my life that need to come under Your authority, Lord Jesus. Give me Your grace and strength to yield everything to You.

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  1. Angel says:

    Thank you Lord for all you have done. Thank you for always being there.

  2. Rachel Douglas says:

    I LOVE this app

  3. Humphrey says:

    definitely truth.
    Jesus is our helper.

  4. Rosario Lewis says:

    Lord God. We give you all the honour and glory. You are the final authority. Thank you for delegating authority to us. To be your soldiers to spread your word, health the sick in your name and give the hope of your love to those who are lost. Giving you all the glory and honour Lord Jesus as all the glory and honour belongs to you alone. Amen.

  5. Theresa says:

    God is Good!

  6. Gerry says:

    I submit to the supreme authority of God Almighty. Despite this I often fail. However his grace is sufficient . I serve a forgiving God he knows my heart and is faithful to pick me up and place me back on the right path , each and every time. Thank you for your forgiveness, mercy and love always.

    1. Martha says:


  7. Rosario Lewis says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus for living in me. Be the ultimate authority in my life. Lead me always according to your ways. Glory to God. Amen

  8. Rosario Lewis says:

    Yes Lord Jesus, everything in my life that is not pleasing to you I put it under your authority. Lord Jesus you be my final authority then everything I do will be according to your will. Glory to God. Amen

  9. ijeoma says:

    Lord Jesus, give me Your grace and strength to yield everything to you

    1. Martha says:


    2. Martha says:

      Amen my God always be there by your side and in your house