Practice the Fruits of the Spirit

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Christ can rid you of inner conflict. Man without God is always torn between two urges. His nature prompts him to do wrong, and his conscience urges him to do right. Antagonistic desires and crossed-up emotions keep him in a state of personal instability. Medical men have almost concluded that this conflict is the basis of much physical breakdown and nervous collapse. Many doctors now believe that among the contributing causes of the common cold are stress, tension, and inner conflict. Paul must have been in the midst of such a personal civil war when he cried, “O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” Then he answered his own question when he said, “I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

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Prayer for the day

Only Your Holy Spirit, Lord, can control my innermost feelings. Help me to be conscious of Your presence this day.

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  1. Beverly Phillips says:

    Billy Graham’s foundation has been a constant help in my life.

  2. Julie Finkelstein says:

    Jesus loves everybody. He died and rose again for all of mankind through the shedding of his blood.

  3. Doug says:

    One of my favorite verses. Teach me, oh Lord.

  4. Chaplain Susannah, RC says:

    I am a 73 yr old Catholic Chaplain from just over the mountain from Billy Graham’s home, who once hollered at Franklin for not doing more for Appalachia. God bless all the family as we celebrate the eternal life of Billy Graham whom God used so wonderfully here!!!! Keep up the good work BGEA.

  5. Rosario Lewis says:

    Yes Lord You are my light and my life. In You I am everything without You I am nothing. Gracious God I thank you for todays message. Yes Lord, my body desires lead me to sin but my conscience prices me when I do wrong. Yes, Lord it is you telling me brother you have gone wrong. Lord fill me with Your Holy Spirit today and let me love you and see you in everyone. Thank you Jesus. Amen

  6. Carol Bingle says:

    Appreciate your daily devotions very much; each touches where i need touched!