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When temptations come, let me suggest that you ask God for strength-and also to show you the way He has prepared for your escape. One other word of counsel; be very sure that you do not deliberately place yourself in a position to be tempted. All of us are not subjected to the same weaknesses and temptations. To one, alcohol may be the temptation; to another, it may be impure thoughts and acts; to another, greed and covetousness; to another, criticism and an unloving attitude. Regardless of what it may be, be sure that Satan will tempt you at your weak point, not the strong. Our Lord has given us an example of how to overcome the devil’s temptations. When He was tempted in the wilderness, He defeated Satan every time by the use of the Bible.

Going Further: Biblical Advice on Facing Temptation.

Billy Graham’s Daily Devotion: Strengthen Your Walk With Christ.

Prayer for the day

With the shield of Your Word, I will face temptation, almighty God.

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  1. Elsie Mathias says:

    Help to overcome shopping addiction for clothes shoes and bags

  2. Marika Sotia says:

    GALATIANS 5:16 I say then, walk by the Spirit and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh. Without the empowerment of the spirit of God we cannot please God. So it’s only thorough the spirit of God we will be strengthened and walk in righteousness and live a life that is holy and acceptable to God.

  3. Ndifreke Friday Robert says:

    Reading,praying and studying the word of God is a strong tools that can be use to overcome temptation. for the word of God is quick and sharper than two edged sword.

  4. Sherry.Allman says:

    In January i added this website to my favorites so each day its the first item i see! Its amazing how the daily topics have went right along with my bible study in the early morning. God is so good! I am so blessed!

  5. ilu says:

    GOD is loving and kind and has been merciful to me throughout my life. I don’t know how I will survive without Him.

  6. Judy Pankow says:

    We can fight temptation by putting on the armor of God everyday! Ephesians 6:10-19! We are in a spiritual battle! Not against flesh and blood, but against evil forces out there. We have the victory though because we are wearing God’s breastplate of righteousness!

  7. Max says:

    Father, I am guilty of all the temptations listed in todays Daily Devotion. Forgive me and give me strength and wisdom to recognize and overcome these temptations.

  8. Gerry says:

    Billy offers us another great reminder. We must use God’s Holy Word to overcome satan’s attacks through temptation. On our own we would easily be defeated. He is aware of our weaknesses . He knows exactly how, when and where, to tempt us. Be as prepared as possible and pray for the full Armor of God each day. He was defeated at Calvary by Christ precious Blood and we need to claim that amazing event always.

    1. Max says:

      Amen Gerry.

  9. esekiel says:

    I am so happy because this morning I asked God how to deal, how to overcome temptation…and when I read this message He answer my question. I am so glad because we can have a daily relationship with Him.

  10. Joyce Paul says:

    We’re grateful, Father,that You know our hearts with our pain n joy. Thank You that You never leave us nor forsake us as Your Word tells us.Please hold us close during our trials.Praise The LORD! Amen.