No Regrets

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When Bill Borden, son of the wealthy Bordens, went out to China as a missionary, many of his friends thought he was foolish to “waste his life,” as they put it, trying to convert a few heathens to Christianity. But Bill loved Christ and he loved men! He hadn’t been out there very long before he contracted an oriental disease and died. At his bedside they found a note that he had written while he was dying. It read, “No reserve, no retreat, and no regrets.” Bill had found more happiness in his few years of sacrificial service than most people find in a lifetime.

Are you prepared to serve Christ, wherever it leads? Read this message from Billy Graham. 

Prayer for the day

Help me not to count the cost of serving You, Lord Jesus, but let me be completely yielded to Your leading.

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  1. John Shoemaker says:

    I need these “short stops”.

  2. Alsim Oracion says:

    God’s will is what matters most. Follow the Lord’s will and everything will be in the right place. Amen.

  3. Linda McPherson says:

    God has stood by me in my darkest of hours, bends over backwards for me, and I know that God is of supernatural ability. He opens doors and gives me insight/wisdom. I am NOT WORTHY, yet He is with me 24/7. Evil brings mountains of my tears upon me, but God helps me up. SHARE AND TELL the world what God has done for you. BELIEVE in God, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus. Our tears are not in vain. BELIEVE, KEEP FAITH, AND STAND WITH GOD.

    1. Linda Bower says:

      God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit, now and for always!

  4. Gerry says:

    Helping someone in need can bring great joy. One never knows. It might be you that needs the help next time.

  5. victoire says:

    Lord JESUS CHRIST give me the heart to serve you in spirit and truth not matter any situations I will face.

  6. thomas b bor says:

    The daily devotion is a great blessing

  7. Barbara olson says:

    Love you, Praise Father Son and Holy Spirit.