Living Enthusiastically for God

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Columbus was called mad because he decided to sail the uncharted ocean. . . . Martin Luther was called mad because he presumed to defy the entrenched religious hierarchy of his time. Patrick Henry was considered mad when he cried, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” George Washington was thought to be mad when he decided to continue the war after the winter at Valley Forge, when thousands of his men had died and other thousands had deserted, leaving him only a handful of men. We have become too sophisticated and respectable to be called mad in our generation. Christianity has become so respectable and so conventional that it is now insipid. The salt has lost its flavor. . . . Would to God that the world found us Christians dangerous enough to call us mad, in these days when materialism and secularism are sweeping over the world. Thank God there are those who sacrifice time, talents, social position, and lucrative posts, and who fling aside every advantage in order to serve the Kingdom of God.

Prayer for the day

Instill in me, Lord Jesus, the same savor that the disciples showed as they lived so enthusiastically for You.

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  1. Cecil A Cranmore says:

    Love your ministry . We need a miracle so our lives can be more fulfilling.

  2. Sheila Valley says:

    Such timely words to bring about Godly repentance with piercing truth and conviction.

  3. Freda says:

    Very well said I agree!!

  4. Olujimi says:

    Thank God for a devotion like this..

  5. Robert Orlando Acquah says:

    I need to have an encounter with God this year,pls send me more devotional messages

  6. Juliadonovan says:

    Avid believer and been following Billy Graham all my life and his son! Thank you for the privilege and honor to be a part of this.Blessings to all.