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One day, by a simple act of faith, I decided to take Jesus Christ at His word. I could not come by way of the intellect alone; no one can. That does not mean that we reject reason. God has given us minds and the ability to reason wherever reason is appropriate, but the final and decisive step is taken by faith. I came by faith. Does it work when a person comes, repenting of his sins, to receive Christ by faith? I can only tell you that it worked in my own life. Something did happen to me. I didn’t become perfect, but the direction of my life was changed. I found a new dimension to life. I found a new capacity to love that I had never known before.

Prayer for the day

The day I received You, Lord, it was a childlike act of faith. My whole life was changed!

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  1. stephen john says:

    Life Changing Power
    By Billy Graham
    It is so true what Billy Graham says here. Faith in Jesus Christ really does change our lives. I kneel in private prayer and say thank you Jesus for guiding us towards heaven along that narrow pathway. Praise the Lord! Thanks to Billy Graham for his wonderful words of faith.

  2. Gerry says:

    When a person truly surrenders their life to Christ ….. the change is undeniable. Unsaved friends will notice something is different. Then you will have an opportunity to tell your own personal story.

  3. Cherian P.V. says:

    i have benefitted from BGEA since past 50 years

  4. Leigh Golik says:

    May the Lord bless you Mr. Graham for being the willing one through whom God our Father has worked.

  5. jeanette blackwell says:

    Amen, I found Jesus Christ at age 12, I too am in no way perfect, but praise GOD my life has never been the same, it is truly worth it all to serve Jesus Christ, and have HIM as my LORD and Savior ! I wouldn’t want to live without HIM !!!! Because of HIS sacrifice for me I have hope of eternal life with HIM !

  6. john solomon says:

    great words .. with great thoughts that’s inspiring..

  7. Thembisile Mutlanyana says:

    Hallelujah!!! Father Lord, I Thank You for Your loving son Jesus Christ for You have first love us and deal away with sin problem. I pray, all this in the Mighyty Name if Jesus! Amen and Amen….

  8. Julie Shaw says:

    I always knew that I wanted to become a Christian but was struggling with forgiveness.
    I decided to watch Billy Graham Classic Crusaides and he just so happened to preach about forgiveness. I felt Him…I honestly felt him enter the room. He spoke to me like I have never been spoken to before. from then on, I have never looked back. I still continue to sin but have no problems asking for forgiveness and I know he hears me. I will never be perfect but I will be as close as I can knowing He is there to guide me. I am finally at peace.

  9. Justin Fernandes says:

    Accepting Jesus has made me realize just how much I truly need him. We cannot save ourselves through our actions alone because at some point we will fall short of what He expects of us. The perfection we seek can only be fulfilled through Jesus and I have a peace that will never leave me because of his promise.