He Hears You

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God has said, “If my people . . . pray . . . then will I hear from heaven.” Before three thousand people were brought into the Church on the day of Pentecost, the disciples had spent ten days in prayer, fasting, and spiritual travail. God desires that Christians be concerned and burdened for a lost world. If we pray this kind of prayer, an era of peace may come to the world and the hordes of wickedness may be turned back.

How can you be sure God hears you? Billy Graham answers.

Prayer for the day

Almighty God, burden my heart for those in the world who have not experienced Your peace in their lives.

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  1. Ronald Olszewski says:

    I need this daily. My wife and I have children from different marriages and one from us together. We stress with disciplining each other’s kids and having the daily devotion helps.

  2. Don Roy says:

    Very thankful for today. God please bring our nation back together.

  3. Dave Toole says:

    I’m old now and been alone totally for 6 years. Can’t afford all the extra cost to just survive day to day. Sick of people, preachers and everyone else telling me my faith is weak. I know the Lord Jesus Christ and He knows me. All I can do is pray. Though it seems in vain at times.

    1. Yvonne Hayes says:

      Dave your prayers are not in vain. God is always listening. I will also pray for you. God loves his children.

    2. Melanie says:

      Dave, I’m so sorry. Your message really touched my heart and I feel your pain. I will be praying too, God never intended for anyone to be alone.
      I pray He sends just the right person into your life asap!

    3. brian johnson says:

      JESUS loves you Dave. Perhaps there is a local church/group that meets regularly and I am sure they would welcome you into their fold. Your faith is not weak, you are lonely and reaching out as anyone would. My prayers include you. JESUS CHRIST IS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR..AMEN..

    4. Sherrie says:

      Dave, your faith is not weak for we walk in faith. You can’t see faith, you must know God is always with you. I promise you if you call on Him, He will answer your prayers. God knows every strand of hair on our heads, so no worries—He’s with you this very moment.

  4. Rasheda Anderson says:

    This truly blessed me

  5. Bersheela says:

    I am inspired. Would like to know more on practical christian living

  6. Coretta Mcferren says:

    My hearts desire is to be full of the HOLY GHOST. I THANK you for the article HE Hears YOU. GOD BLESS BGEA. I truly desire to visit & be a part of the soul winning outreach efforts. PLEASE pray for me.

  7. William Akpabio says:

    I am inspired. Keep up with the good work. God bless you all. Amen