He Died for Us

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hands reaching for cross

As we stand at the cross of Christ we see a glorious exhibition of God’s love. Paul wrote to the Christians in Rome, “While we were powerless to help ourselves . . . Christ died for sinful men.” In human experience, it is a rare thing for one man to give his life for another, even if the latter be a good man, though there have been a few who have had the courage to do it. Yet the proof of God’s amazing love is this: that it was “while we were sinners Christ died for us.”

A beautiful young society leader came to visit my wife and me. She had been converted to Christ in one of our Crusades, and she was absolutely radiant in her transformation. Already she had learned scores of Scripture verses by heart and was so full of Christ that we sat for two hours listening to her give her moving testimony. Over and over she said, “I cannot understand how God could forgive me. I have been such a wicked sinner. I just cannot understand the love of God.”

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Prayer for the day

It is beyond comprehension the love that took You to the cross for me. Humbly I praise and thank You, my Savior and my Lord.

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  1. Phyllis Phillips says:

    Please pray for me.

  2. James Godwin Oko says:

    I’m so happy anytime I read or listen to the the video of Daddy Billy on YouTube. Please I need you people to pray for me; I love God and I want to serve him with all my heart and forget the lust of the flesh.

  3. William Crummett says:

    Love Billy Graham’s word about God.

  4. Sharon Masadey says:

    I’m new to your ministry and am following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I am a follower of Jesus in San Jose, California, and am a member of Cathedral of Faith. I am honored to join you.

  5. Joe says:

    Amen. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for your unconditional love for us.

  6. King Johnson says:

    And we should do everything we can to truly live for Him!

  7. Jeanne S. Tomlinson says:

    What A Blessing! I’m Grateful, beyond measure, that JESUS died for me!!! “O LOVE That WILL NOT Let Me Go”!

  8. Gerry says:

    Our human mind cannot fathom the incredible depths of God’s Love. We know that he gave his Holy Son’s spotless life in a horrific way to pay our sin debt in full. That opened the door for all those who would accept that great truth an opportunity to join the family of God. Now that’s amazing Love.

  9. Joyce Paul says:

    Lord Jesus Christ, through Your Grace and Power dwell in us, help us to forgive, that Your Love will set us free. Praise The Lord! Amen.

  10. Ddan says:

    I’m so grateful for Jesus’ love and grace! Before I was ever born and before I ever sinned, Jesus gave His life on the cross and rose from death for me. He paid my sin debt in full! What an awesome love that leads the true christian all the way to heaven! Praise God forever!

    1. mark says:

      A-men! Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord! Amen Brother!