God Loves You!

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Never question God’s great love, for it is as unchangeable a part of God as is His holiness. Were it not for the love of God, none of us would ever have a chance in the future life. But God is love! And His love for us is everlasting.

The promises of God’s love and forgiveness are as real, as sure, as positive, as human words can make them. But, like describing the ocean, its total beauty cannot be understood until it is actually seen. It is the same with God’s love. Until you actually possess true peace with God, no one can describe its wonders to you.

Find out how much God loves you.

Prayer for the day

Yes, almighty God, I have felt the consolation of Your love!

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  1. Donna R Carlson says:

    I am so confused over the Muslim issue.

  2. Walter Foor says:

    My Faith in Our Heavenly Father. Our Lord Jesus Christ. Needs to be revive and made stronger. Please give me Prayers to have this be so. Bless you. Amen.

  3. Joan says:

    This is a blessing to my heart thank you very much in Jesus name amen

  4. Richard Story says:

    I know the awesome and powerful love of my God. He has been with me all of my life, even when I was in the depths of sin and degradation, He came to me and pulled from the pit I was in to give me new life and purpose. He took away all desire to live that old wasted life and renew my life in Him. Thank you dear Lord and praise your name.

  5. Ed G says:

    Thank you Lord for loving us. Amen!

  6. Gerry says:

    Well here we are at the end of 2016. I have so much to be grateful for it’s difficult to know where to begin. God’s Mercies, Grace, Love and Blessings have been abundant, each and every day. His Holy Spirit showers me with a deep peace, continuously. I look forward to this new year and whatever it brings. My prayer is that God will continue to watch over my family and help us grow in his Holy Word.

  7. Stephanie Lewis says:

    Absolutely love this app..God bless you all!

  8. Jane Winstead says:

    I am so happy that my family and I belong to the Family of God. We are secure in our salvation and know that no man can pluck us from the hand of God. If those of you that read this comment do not attend church on a regular basis I would certainly urge you to do so. What I am fed on Sunday morning helps me through the week.

  9. Jack Miller says:

    Thank you God for loving me, I love you also. Amen.