Do Not Compromise

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Horace Pitkin, the son of a wealthy merchant, was converted and went to China as a missionary. He wrote to his friends in America, saying, “It will be but a short time till we know definitely whether we can serve Him better above or here.” Shortly afterward, a mob stormed the gate of the compound where Pitkin defended the women and children. He was beheaded and his head was offered at the shrine of a heathen god, while his body was thrown into a pit with the bodies of nine Chinese Christians.

Sherwood Eddy, writing about him, said, “Pitkin won more men by his death than he ever could have won by his life.” Christ needs people today who are made of martyr stuff! Dare to take a strong, uncompromising stand for Him.

In this message, Billy Graham says the American church should prepare for persecution.

Prayer for the day

Thank You, Lord, for the examples of those who have gone before us. Help me to take hold of Your unlimited strength, too.

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  1. John W Neff says:

    I first heard Dr. Graham preach in Dallas in the 1950s with my mother and grandmother.

  2. margareta cronholm says:

    Today in this time we must be strong in the Lord because percecution is shaking it’s head against all christian. Mr. Billy Graham I will thank you for through your words light up my spirit in Jesus Name

  3. Jesuslove says:

    Thank you Jesus for your patience with me! I love and need You! I open my heart to Your Holy Spirit and ask for it to cover and penetrate my whole heart!

  4. ijeoma says:

    Help me Lord, to take a hold of Your unlimited strength and help me not to comprise in my service. Amen

  5. JOY E. SMITH says:


  6. Chris McEwan says:

    Our God is good, He is a strong hold in the day of trouble, and He knows them who trust in Him. Nahum 1:7

  7. Don L Roy says:

    I am having sleep challenges and need your prayers.

  8. Don L Roy says:

    Thank you.

    1. Connie Wood says:

      Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit use you to encourage His people. My prayers are with you. I pray God continues to bless and keep you, in Jesus’ name, amen.