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Paul before his conversion was not meek. Proudly and brutally, he apprehended all Christians and sought to destroy them. He was bigoted, selfish, and vaunted. But when he wrote his warm and affectionate letter to the churches of Galatia, he said, among other things, “The fruit of the Spirit is . . . gentleness, goodness . . . meekness.” His meekness was something God-given, not something man-made. It is not our nature to be meek. On the contrary, it is our nature to be proud and haughty. That is why the new birth is so essential to each of us. That is why Jesus frankly and pointedly said not only to Nicodemus but to every one of us, “Ye must be born again.” Meekness begins there! You must have a change of nature.

Listen to Billy Graham’s message about being born again.

Do I need to change my personality to become meek and mild? Read Billy Graham’s answer.

Prayer for the day

Heavenly Father, give me the same kind of meekness that You gave to Jesus.

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  1. Eileen E Bachemin says:

    God bless all of you at BGEA.

  2. Dirk Baumann says:

    I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for saving me, and giving me a new Spirit, God’s Spirit of regeneration and renewal. After I surrendered my life, I must surrender my will every day, so I may become more like my teacher and Lord. No longer is it I who lives, but Christ Jesus lives in me.

  3. Beth says:

    I was raised at a mission school in Eastern KY. My parents led the school & dad ministered the campus church, and pastored 2 other community churches. Yet, I still left home with a rebellious, self-serving nature. God’s love was always with me but He allowed me to learn His lessons from my own experiences, since I insisted. Family & others surrounded me in prayer, which proved essential to my survival.
    Through it all, even to now, I’ve always been sensitive to Billy Graham messages. God has him speak plainly and to heart needs, which I always understand. Plain truths convict, convince, and bring commitment. Thank you Rev. Graham for your faithfulness. It helps me as a christian, and in aspects of life. Thank you.

  4. Nancy Oyer says:

    Your ministry is so encouraging!!! Have followed you for many years!!

  5. Rosario Lewis says:

    Today’s Word Of God touched me. Whole evening I was caught up in pride and angry with my own wife. And then I read today’s message, it was for me. If we say we believe in Christ then a true Christian has to be meek and humble and not caught up in pride. We have to change our old way of living with evil desire and thoughts and now live only for Jesus. The principle of being happy is love everyone. Few days we live and then we have to leave our earthly body. We have to leave our pride and position and status and name. Gracious loving heavenly Father. I thank you for todays message. You were speaking to me. Help me to throw away pride and be meek and humble which you were even at the point of death on the cross. Amen

  6. Virginia Bigley says:

    I had my son cremated, now I have read some scripture on facebook about it saying it is from a curse and the people of the occult use this. My sister died a few years back and she was a born again believer and she was cremated. I never felt this was wrong and never meant any disrespect to God or to grieve the Holy Spirit. Please tell me as my husband and I both plan to do this because of the cost of burial. If we do this, are we going against what God says for us? My husband is 77 and has lung cancer. I never felt in my heart I was wrong. We are both born again and I have to have an answer. Please answer my question for me. I respect you very much and believe God sent you so many years ago to guide us. I have watched you on TV. Love in Christ.

  7. Gerry says:

    God is the author of all believers perceived accomplishments. He is the giver of our gifts and abilities. On our own we can do nothing. It is vital to thank him regularly for his continual blessings.

  8. Joyce Paul says:

    Our strongest allegiance is to Christ, Who gives us unity with each other. God Richly Bless U n Ur Ministries! Amen.

  9. Season says:

    Please pray my spiritual life. I am facing very hard time because my husband have affairs with other woman. Pray our marriage restore.

  10. Deana Cummings says:

    Amen! I love you and the way the Holy Spirit flows out of you.