Born Again

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In Texas they tell a story about a man who used to hitch his horse every morning in front of the saloon. One morning the saloonkeeper came out and found that the horse was hitched in front of the Methodist church. He saw the man walking down the street and called out, “Say, why is your horse hitched in front of the Methodist church this morning?” The man turned around and said, “Well, last night I was converted in the revival meeting, and I’ve changed hitching posts.” That’s what it means to be born again. That’s what it means to be converted. It means that you changed hitching posts.

Watch: God’s love is relentless and He calls you by name.

Prayer for the day

May I live in such a way that people will know that I am bound in the freedom of Your love.

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  1. Debbie says:

    I am glad I know Jesus. I feel unworthy at times the way Peter felt when he told the Lord to depart from him because he is a sinner. Jesus loves us and will use us for his glory. No matter how we may feel about ourselves. GOD is so kind and good. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness and for your love for us.

    1. Chris says:


  2. King B. Johnson says:

    #Godspeed!-)+ #NewGenerations #BelieveIt #BeLikeJesus #WarriorSpirit #Family #GraceLove #MeansLifeForever

  3. sarah says:

    Thank you Jesus for your love and for not giving up on me even when you should. You still keep making me into a beautiful sculpture. Praise your name. amen

  4. Joyce paul says:

    God Richly Bless you in your worldwide Ministries! Amen.

  5. Gerry says:

    You can call it what ever you like , but when it happens you will be forever changed. Not perfect by far but definitely heading in a different direction. God will illuminate your new path.

  6. linda dunchus says:

    THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOU AND ALL YOUR HLPING HANDS, I always am led to just the right words.

  7. Patricia Harris says:

    Look forward to your message

  8. Gerry says:

    Best decision you will ever make … by far