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Walter Knight tells the story about a little boy who had recently received Christ. “Daddy, how can I believe in the Holy Spirit when I have never seen Him?” asked Jim. “I’ll show you how,” said his father, who was an electrician. Later Jim went with his father to the power plant where he was shown the generators. “This is where the power comes from to heat our stove and to give us light. We cannot see the power, but it is in that machine and in the power lines,” said the father. “I believe in electricity,” said Jim. “Of course you do,” said his father, “but you don’t believe in it because you see it. You believe in it because you see what it can do. Likewise, you can believe in the Holy Spirit because you can see what He does in people’s lives when they are surrendered to Christ and possess His power.”

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Prayer for the day

Make my heart completely devoid of self so that it can be filled with Your Spirit, Lord.

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  1. Andres Sanchez Jr. says:

    There is only one man who has influenced my life more. His name is Jesus.

  2. Joe says:


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  4. Max says:

    Without the Holy Spirit we are ships without rudders in a typhoon. The Holy Spirit is the glue that connects us with God/Jesus.