A Pure Heart

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The Pharisees were not happy men. They had furrowed brows, nervous tension, frustration. They were full of resentments, bitterness, prejudices, and hatreds. Why? Simply because they had lost sight of God’s conception of the pure in heart. They thought that as long as they kept the letter of the law that was enough. But this was not God’s plan. This did not produce purity of heart. This did not bring about happiness of soul. Jesus taught that God looks deeper than the outside actions of an individual. He searches and ponders the heart. God judges not so much the outside as He does the inside. He looks to the motives, thoughts, and intents of your heart.

Prayer for the day

Father, give me purity of heart that in true humility I may serve and praise You.

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  1. Shangrong Khaling says:


  2. Brian Smith says:

    If a man commits adultry and is divorced if he remarries is he still committing adultry because of the first marriage

  3. D.S.Rajsekhar, Triplicane, Chennai. says:

    The Church is built on the Rock of the revealed Jesus and not on Peter who acknowledged that he was only a stone. In the old covenant, it was UNDERSTANDING whereas, in the new it is REVELATION. Holy Spirit, teach me first to Worship God like Abraham and Job, and help me next to Serve and Grow spiritually. Amen!

  4. michael says:

    About the Pharisees they’re not fair you see.

  5. Cathleen Bogue says:

    So hard to start over again. We all sin and sometimes some of us can not stop the thing we know we should stop in order to move forward with our Lord. Please pray for me.

  6. Gerry says:

    Yes, our motives and thoughts are clear to God. Do your very best to be truthful in all ways.

  7. Max says:

    when a person truly comes to the point of realizing there is no amount of worldly things that can bring satisfaction and peace and invites Jesus to come into their heart there is no other feeling on earth than can come close to matching it and the prince of the air cannot exist where Jesus is.

  8. offor abraham says:


  9. Rick Wilson says:

    Today’s Pharisees are all those who continue to follow Great Babylon, the mother of harlots – the Roman Catholic Church and her laws, or lack thereof and ways. Pharisees believe that they and only they are righteous instruments of YHWH God, but when confronted with Christ they were put in their place – purveyors of sin! Happy New Moon Day!