Satan, Witches, Wizards, Demons and Jesus

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  1. Steve Coleman says:

    Thank God for Billy Graham and the obedience he had for God. A true disciple of Jesus Christ.

  2. Easwaran Karupanan says:

    Dr.Billy Graham is a true evangelist. Few have spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and the cross, with the Lord saving millions of lives.
    As Dr.Billy Graham preaches the Word of God until his last breath, his words still make changes in people’s lives with the Holy Spirit having the power to change them. Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ and lots of respect to Dr. Billy Graham.

  3. Lawal Merry says:

    I love Pastor Billy Graham and his teachings.

  4. Martin wakoli wegulo says:

    Looking forward to your teachings

  5. Keith McCallum says:

    One of the best of the best. Graham knows how to say it.

  6. Cathy Phillips says:

    Looking forward to hearing these archived sermons. I remember them as a kid.

  7. Gerald Nelson says:

    A powerful message that all should hear and be aware that there is a powerful enemy trying to destroy every human being, but there is one waiting to fight and protect us from that enemy … JESUS CHRIST!

  8. Raymond Hatten says:

    I Miss Rev Billy Graham, the Lord has led him to bring many souls to Jesus. We are in a day in which it
    seems as there is no man being used as he was in the past.

  9. Linda says:

    After seeing the way that so many young entertainers become totally corrupt, to the point of actually living and promoting poisonous lifestyles, I am convinced that these public figures become possessed and become vessels used to spread evil. What else would explain previously wholesome young people turning bad? Their position as popular public figures invites possession.

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